Lizzo can also play the flute.

At the invitation of the Library of Congress in Washington, the American singer now played a more than 200-year-old glass instrument that belonged to the collection of former President James Madison (1751-1836).

Lizzo, who not only sings hip-hop and pop, but is also considered a talented flute player, was contacted by a librarian at the Library of Congress in a tweet before her planned performance in Washington.

Carla Hayden offered the 34-year-old singer ("Good as Hell") to play a few bars on the historical instrument.

"I'm coming Carla!

And I'll play the glass flute!” Lizzo let know.

At her concert in the Capitol One Arena, she surprised the fans with a solo on Madison's flute.

“Until now nobody has heard this famous crystal flute.

Y'all were first," Lizzo later tweeted, thanking the Library of Congress.