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The new version of the national standard for road traffic signs will be implemented in October

  Road Traffic Signs and Markings Part 2: Road Traffic Signs will be implemented on October 1.

  The new version of the standard has added 18 new traffic signs such as "electric vehicle charging station", "electric bicycle lane sign", "no electric bicycle entry sign" and "beware of accumulated water signs" in response to new facilities and new demands for traffic management that have appeared in recent years.

  Adapting to the requirements of drivers for the convenience of travel under the complex road network and traffic operation environment, the requirements for the layout, setting and use of the signs are refined, and the detailed requirements for the amount of information, information selection principles and methods of the road signs are put forward.

  To strengthen operability, add appendices such as traffic sign setting examples, and give production legends.

From October, private cars only need to be tested twice within 10 years

  The "Opinions on Deepening the Reform of the Motor Vehicle Inspection System and Optimizing the Vehicle Inspection Service" further relaxes the inspection cycle for private cars, which will be implemented on October 1.

  Non-operating passenger cars and motorcycles only need to go to the inspection agency for on-line inspection in the 6th and 10th year from the date of registration, and apply for an inspection qualification mark to the public security organ every two years within 10 years.

  For non-operating passenger cars and motorcycles for more than 10 years, the online inspection is conducted once a year.

The Mandatory National Standard for Electronic Cigarettes will be implemented on October 1

  The Mandatory National Standard for Electronic Cigarettes will be implemented on October 1.

  The standard stipulates that the concentration of nicotine in e-cigarettes should not be higher than 20mg/g, and the total amount of nicotine should not be higher than 200mg.

Limit requirements for atomized impurities and pollutants such as heavy metals and arsenic.

The allowable additives and the maximum amount used in the mist are clarified.

It is also required that electronic cigarettes should have a child-proof starting function and a protection function to prevent accidental starting.

  At that time, all fruit-flavored electronic cigarettes will be removed from the shelves, and the national unified electronic cigarette transaction management platform will only provide national standard tobacco-flavored electronic cigarettes and smoking sets with child locks.

From October, the electronic registration certificate for cosmetics will be officially implemented.

  The announcement on the official implementation of the electronic registration certificate for cosmetics issued on the website of the State Food and Drug Administration stated:

  From October 1st, according to the "Administrative Measures for Registration and Filing of Cosmetics", special cosmetics and new cosmetic raw materials that have been approved for registration, as well as special cosmetics whose registration certificates have been changed or renewed, will be issued electronic registration certificates.

The previously issued paper registration certificate will continue to be valid during its validity period.

  From October 1st, the registrant (domestic responsible person) of the special cosmetics approved to change the registration certificate shall, in accordance with the "Administrative Measures for Registration and Filing of Cosmetics", "Regulations on the Administration of Cosmetics Registration and Filing Materials" and other regulations, submit to the State Food and Drug Administration for administrative licensing matters. The service department returns the paper registration certificate it holds.

Further standardize animal diagnosis and treatment activities

  The "Administrative Measures for Animal Diagnosis and Treatment Institutions" will come into effect on October 1.

  It stipulates that animal diagnosis and treatment includes animal health examination, sampling, autopsy, dispensing, drug administration, acupuncture, surgery, filling in diagnosis certificate and issuing relevant certification documents for animal diagnosis and treatment, etc., and further clearly defines the scope of animal diagnosis and treatment activities.

  Licensing conditions are set for three types of animal clinics, namely animal clinics, animal hospitals, and other institutions that provide animal clinic services.

The pilot program of "inter-provincial handling" for applying for an ID card for the first time has been launched in many places

  The Ministry of Public Security recently formulated and issued key measures to serve economic and social development and help stabilize the broader economic market in 2022.

  Starting from October 1 this year, in addition to the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, Yangtze River Delta, Fujian-Jiangxi, Guangdong-Xiangxi, Sichuan-Chongqing-Guizhou and other regions that were piloted in the early stage, other provinces and cities across the country will gradually start the "cross-province application" for applying for resident ID cards for the first time. pilot work.

The chaos of "screen advertising" is expected to be eradicated

  The Regulations on the Administration of Internet Pop-up Information Push Services will come into force on September 30.

  The "Regulations" focus on solving the problem of using pop-up windows to push news information in violation of regulations, the pop-up window advertising logo is not obvious, the advertisement cannot be closed with one click, malicious speculation of entertainment gossip, excessive and excessive push frequency, unreasonable proportion of push information content, and inducing users to click to implement traffic fraud, etc.

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