China News Service, Beijing, September 30 (Reporter Yuan Xiuyue) "Hello, I am the manager of a company. Our company has shareholders involved in inheritance and needs to issue a notarial certificate. Can you briefly tell me what materials are required? ?"

  This is the Beijing Municipal Sub-center Government Affairs Service Center (hereinafter referred to as the Sub-center Government Affairs Service Center), a staff member is demonstrating to the interview group of the "Good Law and Good Governance" online theme publicity activity, how to conduct remote consultation on legal affairs through intelligent terminal connection.

The staff of the government affairs hall is demonstrating online.

Photo by Yuan Xiuyue

  The reporter was informed that the legal consultation in the government affairs service center of the sub-center just started this year.

In order to optimize the business environment under the rule of law, Tongzhou District Justice Bureau and Tongzhou District Government Service Bureau jointly launched the cooperation of legal services into the government service center.

  In January this year, the government affairs service center of the sub-center established the "Public Legal Service Enterprise Legal Examination Center" to provide enterprises and the public with services such as remote inquiry, legal consultation, legal physical examination, and legal publicity through the "artificial + intelligence" method.

In the lobby of the government affairs service center of the sub-center, there are "Law Wisdom Cabin" and "Legal Service Center for Small, Medium and Micro Enterprises", etc.

  On September 13, 2021, the government affairs service center of the sub-center officially opened.

In the past, citizens could only go to the municipal government affairs hall located in Liuliqiao to handle city-level matters. After the sub-center government affairs hall opens and operates, 2,068 city-level matters and 1,594 district-level matters can also be handled here.

Sub-center government service center.

Photo by Yuan Xiuyue

  The staff told reporters that the sub-center government service center is a government affairs hall mainly based on the intelligent terminal service mode and supplemented by manual services. The first floor is the self-service terminal service area, and the second floor is the artificial window service area.

  "We have set up 43 smart terminal windows. Relying on the smart terminals, clerks can complete the whole process of handling matters at the two levels in urban areas, from item declaration, material submission, online review to remote interaction between the approval department and the window, all the way to the result system. At present, more than 60% of the matters in the sub-center government service center are handled through self-service terminals every day." The relevant person in charge introduced.

  Since its operation, the sub-center government service center has promoted the “cloud window” service model for administrative affairs to extend to grass-roots service sites such as streets and towns, communities (village), and park buildings, and popularized the “immediate, online, nearby, one-time” administrative approval process. Do it yourself, do it yourself.”

In addition, it also promotes "inter-provincial general handling", deepens the coordination mechanism for government affairs services in Tianjin Binhai, Baodi, Wuqing, Caofeidian, Hebei Xiong'an, Langfang and Beisan counties, and realizes "all matters, no issues" for sub-center government affairs services. Differences" are handled across provinces.

Sub-center government service center.

Photo by Yuan Xiuyue

  Previously, Ms. Li, who lives in Tongzhou, called the Deputy Center Government Affairs Service Center to inquire about the business license of Yanjiao.

The window staff told Ms. Li that she could apply online without going to Yanjiao.

Tongzhou District Government Service Bureau and Langfang Sanhe City Administrative Examination and Approval Bureau through remote connection, jointly instructed Ms. Li to log in to Hebei Province's "Enterprise Opening One Window" platform to fill in the information, upload application materials, online real-name authentication and electronic signature, etc.

  Within 1 hour of receiving the application information, Sanhe City will complete the review and mail the relevant licenses to Beijing free of charge.

Ms. Li sighed: "I didn't expect it to be so convenient, and I got a license across provinces with just one phone call."

The artificial service window of the sub-center government affairs service center.

Photo by Yuan Xiuyue

  In addition to realizing the cross-province handling of 140 full-course online handling matters, the sub-center government affairs service center has also realized the "inter-provincial handling" service of 387 convenient service items through the mutual establishment of convenience self-service terminals in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei.

In the comprehensive window service area, it also provides cross-provincial general handling services for 56 Beijing-Tianjin Free Trade Zone matters and 70 Beisan County matters.