The president of "Kappa Create", which operates the conveyor belt sushi chain "Kappa Sushi", illegally took out data that was a trade secret of a rival chain he worked for before, and the Metropolitan Police Department accused him of violating the Unfair Competition Prevention Act. It was learned from interviews with investigative officials that the policy to arrest was established.

According to investigative sources, Kimi Tanabe, 46, president of Kappa Create, which operates Kappa Sushi, illegally disclosed trade secret information to another competing conveyor-belt sushi chain, Hamazushi. It means that there is a suspicion of violating the Unfair Competition Prevention Law if taken out.

Last year, the Metropolitan Police Department was conducting an investigation after receiving a criminal complaint from "Hama Sushi", but it was decided to arrest the president on suspicion of illegally taking out data related to purchase prices, etc. I found out from the interview.

The president originally served as an officer of the management company of "Hama Sushi", and two years ago, he changed jobs from the parent company to an advisor of "Kappa Create", and after serving as vice president, he was appointed president last year.

The Metropolitan Police Department will proceed to clarify the detailed motive and circumstances in the future.