[Explanation] While playing Rewapu, singing folk songs in the mountains, there are several wooden goats on the wooden platform in front of them jumping with the rhythm. This is the very characteristic "wooden goat dance" in the mountainous area of ​​Cele County, Hotan, Xinjiang.

Different from the common Xinjiang dances, the "dancers" of this dance are hand-made wooden goats.

  [Concurrent] Adili Jiang, head of the cultural station of Uruksay Township, Cele County

  This "jumping (wood) goat dance" is the oldest form of entertainment in our township.

The source is that the herdsmen are bored when shepherds sheep, they use wood (and) simple tools, make their own, play and sing the herdsmen's rewapu, sing the mountain love (people) song, and (the) dance the goat dance together. A way of entertaining yourself (adding) a joy.

  [Explanation] The props needed to perform the "Wooden Goat Dance" are all handmade by folk artists.

Choose a flat wooden board, design goat images with different postures according to your own aesthetics and imagination, then cut, install and combine, color the wooden goat, embellish various ornaments, and finally install the wooden goat on the pedestal. The props to play are finished.

When playing, use a string to connect the wooden goat to the player's fingers, and the wooden goat jumps with the plucking action of the fingers.

  [Explanation] With the development of the times, the performance of the wooden goat dance is no longer limited to the grass field. Many family gatherings and public performances can also see this novel and lively performance method.

The mountain folk songs played and sung during the performance also have various themes, expressing the herdsmen's love for nature, family and life.

  [Concurrent] Adili Jiang, head of the cultural station of Uruksay Township, Cele County

  Mountain love (folk) songs mainly express the lover's miss for the lover, the mutual (between) feelings, the expression of the nature (love), and the miss for the parents.

Mainly in our family Maisilaifu, wedding Maisilaifu and other kinds of Maisilaifu (performance).

  [Explanation] Like many intangible cultural heritage projects, the wooden goat dance brings relaxation and joy to people, but also faces the pressure of inheritance.

  [Concurrent] Adili Jiang, head of the cultural station of Uruksay Township, Cele County

  There are many people who like this (wooden goat dance), but there are not many people who inherit it, can do it, and can dance.

Including masters and apprentices, about twelve or thirteen people will inherit this project.

  [Explanation] In this regard, Adilijiang said that he hopes that while protecting the existing intangible cultural heritage projects, he can also let these mountain characteristics "go out", so that more people outside can learn and inherit.

  [Concurrent] Adili Jiang, head of the cultural station of Uruksay Township, Cele County

  My idea (that is), I will excavate and protect some of the existing intangible heritage projects in our township. I hope that our intangible heritage projects will have protectors and inheritors.

I hope that other places (people) will learn our intangible heritage projects, develop and develop, and other places will also know about our current projects.

  Reported by Sui Zhiyuan and Wang Chao in Hotan, Xinjiang

Responsible editor: [Ji Xiang]