China News Service, Nanjing, September 26 (Reporter Yang Yanci) The reporter learned from the Jiangsu Provincial Public Security Department on the 26th that the 100-day summer public security crackdown and rectification operation has ended successfully.

The data shows that the overall situation of social security in Jiangsu Province has continued to be stable, and the police cases of picking quarrels and provoking trouble and intentional injury have dropped by 46.3% and 55.9% respectively year-on-year.

In addition, the number of telecommunication and network fraud cases and traffic accidents decreased to varying degrees.

  The report shows that since the launch of the 100-day summer public security crackdown and rectification operation, the Jiangsu public security organs have been supported by the actual combat system of "provincial-level responsibility, city-county-based combat, and police station-based defense". Make efforts to crack down on prominent crimes, vigorously rectify social security problems, and tackle all kinds of security risks.

  A set of data shows the results of the "Hundred Days Action" in Jiangsu Province: the number of criminal cases cracked in the province increased by 26.6% year-on-year, and the police cases of picking quarrels and provoking trouble and intentional injury decreased by 46.3% and 55.9% year-on-year respectively. The number of losses decreased by 14.8% and 7.9% year-on-year respectively, the number of cases solved and the number of criminal suspects arrested increased by 41.3% and 52.9% respectively year-on-year, and the number of traffic accidents decreased by 6.21% year-on-year.

  In response to "black guns", "robbery and robbery", "prostitution and gambling", "food and medicine ring" and high-incidence crimes with the characteristics of summer security, Jiangsu public security organs have made every effort to solve the case, chase and escape, and restore the damage quickly. Solve the people's "urgency and sorrow".

  Through the establishment of a tracking and tracking mechanism for pornographic gambling cases, the province has eliminated 161 gambling gangs and 98 pornographic gangs; cracked 78 drug-related crimes, arrested 346 suspected drug-related criminals, cracked drug-related crime cases, and arrested The number of drug-related suspects increased by 30% and 66.35% respectively.

  In addition, through the main investigation of 15 cases of the Ministry of Public Security's 3 waves of cluster battles, Jiangsu organized special operations such as "Jiang 22", "Fox Hunting", "Cloud", and cracking down on pension fraud, and further promoted the "Kunlun 2022" special operation, cracked "Kunlun 2022" There were 736 cases in the field of "food and drug environmental protection".

  By strengthening patrols and guards, the Jiangsu police have continued to build security for the public to see, and installed a "safety valve" for the "fireworks" in the world.

  Since the launch of the "Hundred Days Action", a superimposed, all-time-space, and three-dimensional pattern of strict prevention and control has been accelerated.

Jiangsu public security organs put the police force on the streets to the maximum extent, relying on 8,994 street police stations and patrol checkpoints, paying close attention to 2,360 key locations such as night markets, barbecue restaurants, commercial blocks, etc., and comprehensively implementing late-night patrols and holiday policing. Efforts to weave a secret patrol network.

  At present, the Jiangsu Provincial Public Security Bureau has organized a total of 7 rounds of public security inspections and 13,000 temporary inspections, arresting more than 10,000 illegal persons of various types, and effectively patrolling, identifying hidden dangers, announcing safety, and preventing safety. .