China News Service, Fuzhou, September 26 (Xue Yun) On September 26, 25-year-old Liu Guanyong completed the donation, becoming the 360th hematopoietic stem cell donor in Fujian Province and the 15th hematopoietic stem cell donor in Ningde City.

  On the morning of September 22, 2022, in the Department of Hematology, Union Hospital Affiliated to Fujian Medical University, in the testimony and blessings of medical staff, Red Cross staff and volunteers, Liu Guanyong solemnly stated on the "Informed Consent for Voluntary Donation of Hematopoietic Stem Cells". signed his name.

Liu Guanyong received the mobilization injection.

Photo by Xue Yun

  After accepting the 5-day "mobilization", the "fire of life" donated by Liu Guanyong was escorted to a distant place by a special person to light up hope for a child with blood disease.

  The warm-hearted Liu Guanyong is from Xinzheng, Henan, and is now a staff member of a technology company in Ningde City, Fujian Province.

He took the initiative to join the Chinese bone marrow bank while he was in college.

  "When you go to college, you are an adult, and you can be responsible for your own decisions. I just thought about doing something meaningful." Xiao Liu recalled that he had heard for a long time that besides blood donation, there was such a way to do good deeds , I checked the address of the Henan Red Cross Society on the Internet, took a taxi, and left the information and blood samples.

In the Department of Hematology, Union Hospital Affiliated to Fujian Medical University, Liu Guanyong signed a letter of consent to donate.

Photo by Xue Yun

  Over the years, Xiao Liu has traveled far and wide, and the place he works and lives has undergone great changes, but this particularly meaningful "adult ceremony" - an honorary certificate that marks joining the Chinese hematopoietic stem cell bank, has been taken by him all the time.

  On the afternoon of July 12, 2022, Xiao Liu, who was at work, received a call from a staff member of the Red Cross Society and learned that a blood disease patient had been successfully screened and matched with him.

  "I was so excited at the time, I immediately expressed my willingness to cooperate with the donation." Xiao Liu said.

In the following month, accompanied by staff of the Red Cross Society of Ningde City, he went to the hospital again to draw blood samples and did a physical examination.

  "The staff said that they would contact me again to match my blood sample with the patient to see if it was the most suitable, so I waited for a few more days." Xiao Liu said that he was very nervous during that time. , I look forward to another phone call every day.

On September 26, Liu Guanyong, a young man from Henan, completed the donation.

Photo by Xue Yun

  On September 13, the high-resolution matching result between Xiao Liu and the patient came out, and he was the person the other party needed the most.

  Xiao Liu hurriedly asked for leave from the company and told his relatives and friends about the good news, but unexpectedly he was questioned: "What's the use of donating this? Did they give money? This must be bad for the body? Don't you? I was deceived!"

  Xiao Liu patiently explained the situation to everyone, and also used his online research and what he learned from the staff of the Red Cross to popularize the common sense of hematopoietic stem cell donation.

Even so, some friends are still skeptical of Xiao Liu's move.

  In the face of these disputes, Xiao Liu smiled and shook his head: "This will not affect my decision, because I know this is the right thing, and I promise to do it without turning back."

  After receiving the first injection of mobilization agent, Xiao Liu took a short rest and started sorting out the photos from the signing ceremony before the donation, and sending them to WeChat Moments.

  "I received flowers for the first time, and I was not deceived." He wrote humorously, "I want to show those people that this is a good thing that the state supports and does not harm their health." Liu Guanyong also hopes that more caring people will become Volunteers of the China Hematopoietic Stem Cell Bank call on more ordinary people to bravely do extraordinary things.