From a distance it looks like a fine brushwork painting, from a close up it looks like a well-textured relief, but to the touch it is silky satin.

In autumn, in the cloth sculpture exhibition hall of Jingxian County, Hengshui City, Hebei Province, Ren Xueqing, the inheritor of cloth sculpture and painting skills, is making cloth sculpture paintings. The exquisite cloth sculpture paintings are fascinating.

  Traditional cloth carving and painting is an artistic expression of creating books and paintings on cloth with the artistic method of carving.

In July 2019, Jingxian cloth sculptures were selected into the municipal intangible cultural heritage list of Hengshui City.

According to Ren Xueqing, the materials used in Jingxian's cloth carving and painting are mainly silk and satin fabrics, with more than 100 colors. Dozens of processes such as plate making, material selection, engraving, color carving, complementary color, and solid shape are all hand-made.

(Cui Zhiping, Ni Zhihao, Cao Chenglong)

Responsible editor: [Luo Pan]