It was not for her anti-system theories on the emancipation of “sovereign beings” that Alice Martin-Pascual, better known on social networks as Alice Pazalmar of the One Nation conspiracy movement, was arrested on September 18 in Tarn.

According to information from

La Dépêche du Midi

, confirmed at

20 Minutes

by the Castres prosecution, the reason for his arrest is much more down to earth.

This is a series of traffic offenses - driving without insurance and without a licence, false license plates, refusal to submit to screenings - for which she was convicted at the beginning of the year by courts in Toulouse and Cahors.

She had not appeared at the hearings and had therefore not been able to serve the sentences pronounced, including one of six months in prison and two revocations of suspended sentences imposed for previous offenses.

Paradise lost in the Lot

The Tarn gendarmes took advantage of a One Nation rally in the south of the department, in Viviers-lès-Montagnes, to get their hands on it.

Alice Pazalmar was imprisoned in the wake of the Seysses remand center, near Toulouse.

With her companion Sylvain "Outlaw", the thirties had created controversy a year ago by launching in a YouTube video a call for funding to acquire an estate in a small village in the Lot, Sénaillac-Lauzès, and welcome a community there " laboratory”.

After the outcry of local villagers and elected officials, and also because of "numerous reports", the Hello Asso platform had decided to close the kitty.


Lot: The One Nation conspiracy movement draws a line under its “peace” oasis in Sénaillac-Lauzès


Lot: No “paradise” in the countryside for a conspiratorial group, the kitty to acquire the estate is closed

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