Singer Jessica, a former member of Girls' Generation, has revealed her recent activities in China.

Yesterday (26th) Jessica uploaded a video of her daily life on her own YouTube channel with the title "It's been a while, twinkles? I'll show you how you've been".

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In the video, Jessica said, "It's been a long time. As you all know, I'm appearing on a program in China."

Afterwards, he showed not only the choreography practice site, but also the daily life with Chinese celebrities who appeared on the program together.

Jessica also wore comfortable pajamas and sat in front of the camera saying, "I was thinking a little before going to bed. I'm trying to say what's on my mind, what I feel, what I want to express to you, and basically what I want to say to you." opened.

He said, "It makes me happy and smiling because my fans always make funny memes (triggered content online) about me. It's so cute when you imagine making memes."

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Jessica continued, "Fans will know, but I'm not good at talking. It's really my heart. I just tried to keep it alone. Because over the years, I learned that it's the best for me." He expressed his gratitude to the fans.

Jessica also had dinner with local friends in Beijing, saying, "I'm very well taken care of in Beijing, so don't worry about me."

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Jessica is currently preparing for her re-debut after finishing second in the Chinese survival audition program in May where female celebrities in their 30s and older re-debut as a girl group through a contest.

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