I've gotten used to the cooler weather these past few days, but today (27th) will be a little hot during the day.

As the highest temperature in Seoul jumps to 28 degrees, it will be about 3 degrees higher than yesterday.

As the daytime heat rises like this, the temperature difference between days becomes more noticeable, so please pay more attention to your attire.

All the fog that was thick in the morning is gone and now only the clear sky is exposed.

Except for a small amount of sporadic rain in the east coast today, the inland will continue to be sunny. The strong sunlight will result in a high UV index, and the ozone concentration will rise to a poor level in the west. I will.

The daytime maximum temperature will rise to 28 degrees in Seoul, 27 degrees in Daejeon, 28 degrees in Jeonju and Gwangju, and 27 degrees in Daegu.

The weather will be mostly sunny for the time being, and the temperature difference will be large as the late heat continues.

(Tae-Bin Yang, Weather Caster)