Riding the waves and playing in the water by the Yangtze River is a favorite way for Wuhan people to cool off in summer.

Every evening, men and women, young and old, come to the beach on both sides of the Yangtze River to play in the water one after another.

  Zhang Jianmin, 67, is an "old Wuhan" who grew up by the Yangtze River.

At this time, it is also the busiest time of Zhang Jianmin's day.

He always had a whistle on his chest, a swimming ring on his left shoulder, a loudspeaker on his right, slippers, and a lemon-yellow T-shirt with seven bright red characters of "Yangtze River Rescue Volunteer Team" printed on the back. Patrol back and forth on the shore, always paying attention to the safety of the people playing in the water.

  In 2010, he and a group of non-governmental winter swimmers spontaneously established the Yangtze River Rescue Volunteer Team, guarding everyone on the banks of the Yangtze River silently for ten years.

Today, the team has grown from more than 100 players to more than 2,000 people. They have set up 43 guard positions on the two banks of the two rivers in Wuhan, and have successfully saved more than 800 people.

(Reporter Zheng Ziyan)

Responsible editor: [Zhou Chi]