This newspaper, Beijing, September 26 (Reporter Yang Zhaokui) The "November" holiday is approaching. Today, the reporter integrated data from online travel platforms such as Mafengwo, Tongcheng, Tuniu, Lvmama and found that during the "November" holiday, the average user traveled The radius has been expanded, but local tourism and the surrounding "micro-vacation" are still the main theme.

Among them, the popularity of parent-child tours and self-driving tours has increased, and outdoor autumn viewing, cultural check-in, and camping have become popular.

  Mafengwo's "November" fun big data released on September 23 shows that the popularity of "November" surrounding tours has increased by more than 100% in the past week. Outdoor autumn viewing and cultural check-in are the most popular local tourism and surrounding entertainment directions for tourists.

Many tourists also took advantage of the high autumn weather to travel by car, and the popularity of self-driving travel during the "November" period increased by 100%.

Among them, most tourists from Beijing turn their attention to the beautiful Zhangbei grassland, Huizhou is the first choice for tourists in Guangzhou, and Taizhou, which has both delicious food and beautiful scenery, has become a new target for Shanghai self-driving tourists during the "October 11".

  According to the data released by Donkey Mom today, during the "November" holiday, mid-to-high-end characteristic resort hotels, theme hotels and related "wine + scenery" products are favored.

In addition, the camping fever is still high, and forest camping, desert camping, mountain camping, starry sky camping, lakeside camping, etc. are very popular.

  Tuniu data shows that during the "November" holiday, more users chose a 1- to 2-day travel itinerary, accounting for 35%, followed by a 3- to 4-day itinerary, accounting for 28% of the trips.

Among them, self-driving tours accounted for 43%.

  Data from the same journey shows that parent-child travel, red travel and self-driving travel are the most popular travel themes during this year's "November".

In the past week, the popularity of "parent-child travel" related searches has risen by 69%.

  Yang Zhaokui