A former director of the organizing committee, who was arrested in a corruption scandal surrounding the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics, is suspected of having received a request from an executive of an advertising company, Ohiro, and was trying to facilitate a part of the sponsor recruitment work. I learned something new from interviews with people involved.

After that, Ohiro sent a total of 14 million yen to the company of an acquaintance of the former director, and the Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office is expected to clarify the actual situation regarding the flow and purpose of the funds.

In a corruption case involving sponsorship contracts for the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games, the Tokyo District Public Prosecutor's Office special investigative department is suspecting Haruyuki Takahashi, 78, former director of the organizing committee, so that Ohiro, an advertising company, can undertake part of the work of recruiting sponsors. This month, we are conducting an investigation by searching the head office in Osaka City and the Tokyo head office in Ohiro, as there is a suspicion that we have requested and provided funds.

Dentsu, a major advertising company, was appointed by the Organizing Committee as a "specialized marketing agency" to recruit sponsors for the Tokyo Games, and approval from the Organizing Committee is required for other advertising companies to undertake part of Dentsu's work. It means that it was

According to people involved, former director Takahashi received a request from Ohiro's executives and worked with Dentsu to undertake a part of the work through a sponsorship contract with a service-related company. A total of 14 million yen was remitted to the company of the former director's acquaintance, and it was newly found in the interview with the person concerned.

Former director Takahashi is suspected of having received bribes totaling more than 120 million yen from AOKI Holdings, a major men's clothing company that sponsored the tournament, and KADOKAWA, a major publishing company. It seems that further clarification of the actual situation regarding the flow and purpose of funds to the former director side is expected.