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  China News Service, Changzhi, September 26 Question: Poplar: Because of the rain, I always want to hold an umbrella for others

  China News Service reporter Lu Qiguo

  14 years ago, my father died in a car accident on the highway, which became a permanent pain in Poplar's heart.

  The poplar is the comprehensive internal service of the third detachment of the third detachment of the Shanxi high-speed traffic police, and the first-level sheriff.

In the 12 years since he joined the police, he has always strived to do better in road patrols, law enforcement, rescue, publicity and education, and internal work.

  "Because of the rain, I always want to hold an umbrella for others." Yang Shu explained the original intention of doing his best in every job.

Deliver convenience food to truck drivers waiting in line to pass.

Photo by Yang Genhao

  In 2008, Yang Shu, who was studying at the Central Judicial Police Officers College, suddenly received the bad news that his father died in a car accident on the highway.

"At that time, I thought that if I would become a high-speed traffic policeman one day, I must give safety to more traffic participants."

  Poplar's wish came true two years later.

In 2010, he was hired by the Shanxi Expressway Traffic Police and became a police officer in the third detachment of the three detachments.

  Shanxi Expressway Traffic Police Detachment No.3 is responsible for the traffic safety management of the Changhan section of Qinglan Expressway and some sections of Changzhi Ring Expressway, as well as the preliminary handling of criminal and public security cases, with a total jurisdiction of about 119 kilometers.

The Dongyangguan Public Security Checkpoint in the jurisdiction is the only checkpoint around Beijing for the three detachments of the Shanxi Expressway Traffic Police.

  In order to adapt to the work as soon as possible, Yang Shu learned from the old police on the requirements of law enforcement regulations, professional knowledge and language skills, and on the other hand, used the rest time to familiarize himself with the provisions of traffic laws and regulations. Combined with practice, he summed up the work method of "early preparation and more work". , the effectiveness of the work has been recognized by colleagues and the public.

  In 2019, due to the closed construction of the adjacent national and provincial roads, all the vehicles going to and from Changzhi in Shanxi and Handan in Hebei were changed to the ChangHan section of Qinglan Expressway, and the daily average two-way traffic volume of the main line increased from more than 8,000 vehicles to more than 20,000 vehicles. , resulting in serious congestion on the road section at the Shanxi-Hebei province boundary.

  The problem doesn't stop there.

Some heavy and medium-sized trucks do not drive in the prescribed lanes, and the phenomenon of "jamming" emerges one after another, and rear-end collisions often occur.

Sometimes, some vehicles illegally occupy the emergency lane, so that the rescue vehicles cannot quickly reach the scene to carry out rescue.

  In response to this situation, while increasing the frequency of patrols, Yang Shu and his colleagues insisted on combining punishment and education, paying equal attention to law enforcement and service, and achieving three "must"s: education for minor violations, punishment for serious violations, and crackdown for resistance to law enforcement.

  "There are no shortcuts in road traffic management, but more effort." Over the years, Poplar has patrolled more than 22,000 kilometers a year on average.

Work with the expressway network operation guarantee personnel to investigate potential safety hazards.

Photo by Yang Genhao

  What Yang Shu said "always wants to hold an umbrella for others" is also reflected in the enthusiastic service.

  On December 13, 2020, when Yang Shu and his colleagues patrolled 760 kilometers away from the Changhan section of Qinglan Expressway, they found a black off-road vehicle parked in the emergency lane, and there was no warning sign at the rear, so they parked the police car behind the vehicle to warn. Drivers of other vehicles should pay attention to avoidance and go forward to check the situation.

  After questioning, the driver, Zhang Mou, suddenly felt unwell while driving, so he parked the vehicle in the emergency lane and took the antihypertensive drugs he carried with him.

After taking the medicine, his blood pressure decreased and his heart rate became stable.

  "Master Zhang, let's do this, I'll drive you into the car and take you to the service area in front of you to rest." With Zhang's consent, Yang Shu drove him to the Lucheng service area and settled him properly before continuing. patrol.

  Lv Zhimao, leader of the third team of the third detachment of the Shanxi Expressway Traffic Police, introduced that Poplar is responsible for the legal system, science and technology, publicity, logistics and other responsibilities of the brigade. After completing security tasks or road duty during the day, he returns to the team at night to continue to complete himself. internal work.

  The investigation and control of the checkpoint, the results of the battle, and the advanced deeds of the police all need to be sorted and reported by Yang Shu; the logistical support of the police on duty also needs to be solved by him.

Lv Zhimao said that Poplar "is a waiter for the police internally, and a waiter for the public externally."

"Transformed" community epidemic prevention and control volunteers.

bowstring photo

  On April 18, 2022, Luzhou District, Changzhi City launched a new round of nucleic acid testing for all staff.

Poplar, who lives in Luzhou District, signed up with the community to join the volunteer team and followed the unified command and arrangement of the community grid members.

  In fact, the day before, Yang Shu had already grasped the situation of the elderly with limited mobility in the community through telephone calls and door-to-door visits.

In the early morning of the 18th, he arrived at the designated location on time, cooperated with community staff to maintain order on the scene, patiently registered "Jin Express Inspection" for community residents who could not operate mobile phones, and did not leave until the noon inspection work was successfully completed.

  "Outstanding Communist Party Member", "Outstanding Civil Servant", "Advanced Individual", "Shanxi Provincial Public Security Department Award"... With many honors, Yang Shu and his colleagues are still running on the familiar road repeatedly, still "holding an umbrella" for others .