[Explanation] Natural education and popular science activities will be carried out regularly in the Huangshui National Wetland Park in Xining, Qinghai. Children learn about the formation and protection of wetlands by looking at plants and water birds, and then use a brush to create a wetland park in their own eyes.

  [Concurrent] Liu Zimeng, a fifth-grade student at Xinning Road Primary School

  There is water underneath, and then a thatched pavilion is drawn here, next to it are reeds and those grasses, and the blank space behind is blue sky and white clouds.

  [Explanation] There are 19 national wetland parks in Qinghai Province, and the Qinghai Xining Huangshui National Wetland Park, located in the urban area of ​​Xining City, is very convenient for carrying out natural publicity and education, and there are many ways to visit the park. The natural resources such as birds and plants are also very rich.

  [Concurrent] Ma Chenglong, Minister of Scientific Research and Education Department of Qinghai Xining Huangshui National Wetland Park Management Service Center

  We (the park) are in the provincial capital city. What is our advantage? That is, our publicity and education, which is very convenient when we do it, and since we are in the provincial capital city, there are also many tourist entrances, which are also convenient for citizens to visit at any time. You can come to our wetland park to play.

Our wetland park is also very rich in wildlife, with more than 110 kinds of plants, more than 180 kinds of birds, and more than 80 kinds of wetland birds, which means that our resources are very rich.

  [Explanation] Rich natural resources are natural classrooms for children. Qinghai Xining Huangshui National Wetland Park Management Service Center has established the first wetland classroom in Xining City with the help of this environmental advantage. Together with Qinghai Environmental Education Association, regular A variety of nature education programs are offered in the park.

  [Concurrent] You Luqing, President of Qinghai Environmental Education Association

  The Wetland Classroom established in the Huangshui Wetland Park in Xining is also the only wetland science base in Xining City. One of the needs of the establishment of this science base is to hope that when our public comes to the Wetland Park, they can walk into the wetland park under such a platform. Wetland Park, understand the background of wetland park construction, and what the national wetland park needs to protect. Combined with this wetland classroom, Wetland Park has also developed different wetland biodiversity courses, including special 24 solar terms courses, etc. , like every weekend and solar term, including our winter and summer vacations, we will hold some public welfare activities here.

  [Explanation] Nature education can bring children to nature classrooms, open up children's ability to explore nature, learn more about nature, and understand nature from more perspectives.

  [Concurrent] You Luqing, President of Qinghai Environmental Education Association

  So what is the meaning of natural education?

The most important thing is to encourage our children to come to nature, to understand and open up the world he explores through (to) the observation and experience of nature.

Maybe it was through this natural experience that he learned about the purification function of wetlands, he learned that (part of) our fresh water comes from wetlands, and that Qinghai is our wetland province. After such a window is opened, In fact, the impact on children is very great, maybe it is a seed of environmental protection, which has been buried in their hearts from now on.

  [Explanation] For the nature class, the children expressed that it was very interesting. In this class, they not only learned a lot of knowledge, but also gained happiness.

  [Concurrent] Yang Zhenzhen, a sixth-grade student of Xinning Road Primary School

  Through these three activities in nature, I have gained a lot, that is, I have learned about some animals, how many levels of protected animals it is, and their living habits, etc., and then I have learned about some plants and their growth. where and how to protect them.

Overall I am very happy because these have increased my natural knowledge.

  [Explanation] Qinghai is an "ecological province", allowing children to experience the charm of ecology from nature education, laying a foundation for future ecological understanding and protection.

  Reporter Qi Miao reported from Xining, Qinghai

Responsible editor: [Wang Kai]