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1. The Iranian president calls for a “firm” reaction against the demonstrators

No question of letting go of ballast on the side of Iranian power.

Ultra-conservative President Ebrahim Raïsi on Saturday called on the security forces to act "firmly" against "those who undermine the security and peace of the country and the people".

They have been protesting for nine days against the death of a young woman detained by the morality police.

More than 40 demonstrators died in the ensuing crackdown.

Abroad, demonstrations supporting the movement in Iran took place in several countries on Saturday (Canada, United States, Chile, France, Belgium, Netherlands and Iraq).

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The People's Union of Islamic Iran, the main reformist party formed by those close to former reformist President Mohammad Khatami (1997-2005), said it "demands" from the authorities that they " are preparing the legal elements paving the way for the cancellation of the compulsory hijab law,” according to a statement released on Saturday.

2. "There is no possible agreement with Russia", insists Volodymyr Zelensky

While Russia has launched a large mobilization of its population to continue its invasion of Ukraine, President Volodymyr Zelensky, questioned on Friday by

20 Minutes

, invited the Russians to reject this decision: "The Russians called to be mobilized are afraid to demonstrate and be arrested.

But let them understand the situation, once on the front, they will have to shoot at Ukrainians and we will respond to them.

They have every interest in protesting.

That's how democracy works.

“There is no possible agreement with Russia, which needs to be isolated because it only understands the balance of power.

Only then will we get there.

Because telling the truth or lying is pretty much the same thing for Putin,” he also said.

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A former prisoner of British nationality told the


about the abuse he suffered in Russian jails.

Stabbing, punching, death threats… Aiden Aslin, captured in Mariupol, went through hell.

3. A spectacular plane crash in Montpellier

No plane has landed on the tarmac at Montpellier airport or taken off since on the night of Friday to Saturday, a freight plane ended its landing by diving into the Mauguio pond located at the end of track.

The aircraft, which was carrying mail, is a Boeing 737 from the West Atlantic company which obviously "did not succeed in braking sufficiently".

He landed in Montpellier every night at the same time, around 2:30 am.

The three people on board at the time of the accident are unharmed.

The rain may have played "a determining role" in the runway excursion.

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A major fire, visible for miles around, took in one of the buildings of the largest wholesale market in the world, in Rungis.

“The fire is almost under control, there are no victims and there is no risk of the fire spreading,” the firefighters said.

4. Pension reform still in the hot seat

Within the majority, the future pension reform is still the subject of positions calling for moderation and dialogue.

This Sunday, François Bayrou thus called on the government to "a more respectful method", fearing a "forced passage" of the head of state.

"Take three or four months to reflect together, and put options and proposals on the table, I think that would be good, not only for civil peace - that matters - but for the reform itself", argued the mayor of Pau in front of his party, meeting in Guidel, in Morbihan.

Same tone on the side of former Prime Minister Edouard Philippe on Saturday: “Me, I said with the same concern as François [Bayrou] to achieve reform, and the same reading of the difficulties he pointed out, that no matter what, we would strongly support the government.

But let's decide quickly.


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The government wants to de-reimburse certain work stoppages issued in video.

“These judgments delivered by video by a doctor who is not the attending physician will no longer be reimbursed by Social Security”, declared Minister Gabriel Attal this Sunday at the



5. Evenepoel cycling world champion

It's the new face of cycling, constantly rejuvenated.

The Belgian Remco Evenepoel will wear the rainbow jersey for one season, won after a solo victory this Sunday morning in Wollongong, Australia.

A triumph which crowns a flamboyant end to the summer, Evenepoel having also won the Vuelta, his first grand tour.

Frenchman Christophe Laporte finished second on the podium.

The outgoing double winner, his compatriot Julian Alaphilippe, too weakened by a recent fall, was never able to influence the race.

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Tonight is football.

The Blues are playing their last warm-up match in Denmark before the World Cup in Qatar.

With a real stake: in case of defeat, they could be relegated to group B of the League of Nations.

To follow here live on

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of course.


Qatar: TotalEnergies announces a major investment in the production of liquefied natural gas


War in Ukraine: "In this war Russia does not respect any rules", declares Volodymyr Zelensky

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