The death toll from an Ebola outbreak in Uganda has risen to 19.

In addition, there were another 15 confirmed infections, the East African country's Ministry of Health announced on Saturday evening.

The cause of the outbreak was initially unknown.

The center was in the Mubende district, whose main town is on an expressway to the capital, Kampala.

At the beginning of last week it was announced that a 24-year-old man had died as a result of an Ebola infection.

Ebola is spread through contact with an infected person's bodily fluids or through contaminated objects.

The initial symptoms, such as fever and muscle aches, are similar to other common diseases such as malaria.

Uganda has experienced several outbreaks since a major Ebola outbreak in northern Uganda in 2000 that killed over 200 people and infected hundreds more.

Just last month, Uganda's neighboring country Congo reported another Ebola outbreak.