On September 24, residents of Xinjie Town, Guanyang County, Guilin City, Guangxi Province were entertaining guests with traditional camellia techniques.

According to the textual research on the "head" of the bronze camellia pot utensil unearthed in Guanyang County, the art of camellia oil of the Yao nationality in Guanyang has a history of thousands of years.

The general practice of camellia oleifera is based on the tea leaves made of old tree tea, stir-frying with oil until slightly coke and fragrant, adding mung beans, ginger and other raw materials to boil with water.

Then pour hot tea water on the fried rice served in a bowl, and serve with peanuts and chopped green onion. The tea taste is strong and slightly bitter, and the flavor is unique and memorable.

  In Guanyang, there is a saying that "tea is three and four, and you are embarrassed to eat too much", which means that when you finish drinking the third cup of oil tea and the fourth cup of wine, you should take the initiative to resign and ask the owner to stop working hard. It is a local custom and basic rules and etiquette.

In 2019, the camellia technique of Guanyang Yao nationality was included in the autonomous region-level intangible cultural heritage protection list.

(Wang Yizhao)

Responsible editor: [Wang Kai]