[Explanation] In the space of ancient music, you can see the walls full of Hanfu and ancient hair accessories... In Changchun, Jilin, Qiqi, a "post-90s" girl, and two partners of similar age jointly built a Hanfu photography studio , attracting the shooting needs of many Hanfu lovers.

  On September 23, a customer made an appointment to shoot the style of the Ming Dynasty.

Qiqi and others started designing in the morning, and did not complete the guest's makeup until the afternoon.

  Qiqi told reporters that she and her partner first opened their studios in Yunnan and Sichuan. There are many local Hanfu lovers, so the business is very good.

  In 2020, with the experience accumulated in the south, Qiqi and others brought the store back to their hometown in the northeast.

  [Concurrent] Qi Qi, founder of Hanfu Photography Studio

  Relatively speaking, (Hanfu) is still a small minority in the Northeast, and the number of customers is ok.

Generally speaking, if you like this, you will come to us.

There are also from "post-90s" and "post-80s", and now to "post-00s".

  [Explanation] During the interview, the reporter learned that many people are "returning customers" of this studio, and they are all senior Hanfu lovers.

  Jiajia, who came to the store to take pictures on the same day, will send herself a set of Hanfu photos on her birthday every year, and she will also participate in some offline Hanfu activities from time to time.

  [Concurrent] Hanfu lovers Jiajia

  (Usually) I wear Hanfu clothes and headgear, and I usually go shopping or participate in other activities. There will be (such activities).

I want more people to understand Chinese traditional culture, and want more people to like Hanfu more and more.

  [Explanation] Qiqi told reporters that in order to truly restore the beauty of ancient China, they would "dig deep and search" for the real shapes of various dynasties.

Strive to show the different characteristics of each dynasty in clothing, makeup, jewelry and other details.

  [Concurrent] Qi Qi, founder of Hanfu Photography Studio

  Every dynasty needs to understand the history and culture of its dynasty, as well as the difference between the costumes and makeup at that time, and there are many things worth learning on the famous paintings, and then some relatively excellent large-scale costume dramas , we will also learn from it, including museum exhibitions, we will also learn from it.

  [Commentary] Qiqi introduced that young friends around him believe that embracing and inheriting traditional culture is "beginning with hobbies and ending with ideals".

  Now, Hanfu experience halls and Hanfu photography studios have been opened in different cities. More and more "post-95s" and "post-00s" and other young groups are willing to experience Chinese culture that can be worn on their bodies.

  Reported by reporter Lv Shengnan from Changchun

Responsible editor: [Peng Dawei]