On September 22, in Wuwei City, Gansu Province, staff were planting greenery at the site of the Yiheng 500,000-kilowatt stereoscopic photovoltaic desertification industrialization demonstration project in Gansu Province.

This project is one of the first batch of wind power photovoltaic base projects focusing on desert, Gobi and desert areas in the country. The windbreak forest belt area, with a total investment of 2.819 billion yuan, has planted 21,000 mu of sandy plants such as flower sticks, sandawang, and sand rice under the photovoltaic panels.

It is understood that Wuwei City belongs to the first-class area of ​​solar energy resources and the third-class area of ​​wind energy resources. The local area has measured and planned a wind and photovoltaic development capacity of 70 million kilowatts.

The picture shows the site of the Gansu Yiheng 500,000-kilowatt three-dimensional photovoltaic desertification control industrialization demonstration project.

Photo by Li Yalong

[Editor: Cao Miaoxin]