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The first time that

Romeo Santos

(Bronx, New York, 1981) triumphed internationally, YouTube did not even exist.

It was the early 2000s and together with his companions from


he managed to get the iconic


of the song


( It

's five o'clock in the morning and I haven't slept at all / Thinking of your beauty, I'm going to stop crazy)

on the radio .

from half the world

Two decades later, the group has broken up and he has earned the title of

The King of Bachata


His figures back it up.

He has sold more than 223 million singles and more than 24 million records worldwide


He has also had several Anglo

artists sing in Spanish

for the first time in their careers.

The latest:

Justin Timberlake


Romeo arrives in Madrid as a total star.

The appointment with the media to present his new album,

Formula Vol. 3

, is at the Four Seasons hotel, inside the Canalejas complex.

He wears Prada and is surrounded by a team that controls absolutely everything that happens around him: that the angle of the photo is correct, that no one records with the mobile, that the time does not exceed the agreed time.

The album has 21 tracks where there is a lot of bachata.

Also merengue, ranchera or a

collaboration of flamenco airs with Rosalía


El Pañuelo


"I always visualized myself with her in a song that had her essence

of her. I think we have achieved a good balance," he says.

What there is not even a trace of is reggaeton


In the past he has collaborated with references such as Bad Bunny, Daddy Yankee, Ozuna or Nicky Jam, but he celebrates being able to stay true to his essence.


I feel privileged because people assimilate that I don't have to leave my genre to do another.

They see it as something organic and I have never thought about stopping doing bachata. For me it is a responsibility to always stand up for the genre, "he says the.


Of course,

Anthtony -that's his real name-

defends that he was one of the first to lay the foundations for the current hegemony of urban music.

Although not the only one.


I don't want to say that the merit is mine, I don't want to sound arrogant

. We can't let go of other Latin artists who also did it at the time. What does

fill me with pride is to see that what was difficult at one time today It's common

. I remember with the success of


I thought to myself, 'Your perception wasn't wrong.'"

He affirms that the recognition of the public, of his colleagues, and the title of 'The King of Bachata' -which has even led to an HBO documentary-, have not made him take off his feet from the ground.

However, he does confess

moments of weakness in the fight with his ego


"The fact that you do something stupid does not make you stupid.

I have done several stupid things in my life. Personally and perhaps also professionally

. At various times I may have been self-centered but I think it is the nature of being human.

The important thing is that you can reconsider and say: damn, I shouldn't have said that or I shouldn't have done that

. Not doing it is a nasty flaw and I think it's not my case. "



Formula Vol. 3

there are songs of love and heartbreak.

Lyrics that don't cause much of a stir and others that do




, a single where it narrates how a pissed off boy threatens his wife with poisoning his mother.


"And don't tell me "Mom loves you" / Because she has a Ph. / A good little coffee, but poisoned".

"I try to find topics that can connect with people without fear of criticism," he says.

And he continues: "

I think that nothing has ever been written about cowards and when you touch on certain themes you have to understand that they are going to divide

. But I think that the artist always has to arouse emotions. Bad and good".

Asked about the increasingly prevailing political correctness in the world of music and the fear of a notorious "cancellation" on social networks, he looks back.

"I come from an era where they literally canceled me.

Concerts have been canceled for me when a controversy was created. Today they are just opinions of people

who feel bigger than they really are.

I remember an occasion with Aventura in the that they vetoed us because one kind of dropped his pants

a little excited and started playing the guitar. We had to apologize and explain that it had not been with bad intentions. But

in those times there was a literal cancellation

, "he says.


The most sentimental shot of the production is especially noticeable in two moments.

The intro, where

audios of his three children

of him are heard:




(2019) and

Álex Damián


And the final theme,


, in which she speaks to God and asks him about the recent death of his uncle, about wars or abused innocent children.


My intention in this topic was not to question God but to vent with him

. The best analogy I can use is when you are a child and your parents may have to reprimand you in a physical way. They love you but it is their way of disciplining you. You feel angry and uneasy because you don't understand and then you ask questions. That's why at the beginning of the song I say: 'perhaps because of my ignorance'. We are not the one to understand how he works.

I have always believed in God and I will always believe But there are things to which one tries to find an answer

, "he clarifies.

After more than three years since his previous job,

Romeo Santos

assures that he does not think about hanging up the microphone.

But yes, "in working less".


If I retire, I go crazy

because I don't know how to do anything else. Sometimes I'm at home and I get bored. What I do think is that, eventually,

I'm going to lower it a bit and maybe concentrate more on developing other talents

, "he ditches.

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