Typhoon Nan Madol is expected to pass by closest to Busan and Gyeongnam in the morning of the 19th.

There will be heavy rain and strong winds in the Yeongnam coastal area today.

We will connect with the meteorological center to learn more about typhoon news.

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<Meteorological Caster>

Typhoon Nanmadol made landfall on land near Kagoshima, Japan while maintaining a strong force.

From now on, it will pass through the sea and land near Osaka between today and tomorrow, and strong rain and wind is expected throughout the day centered on the Yeongnam coast, which is close to the typhoon.

Currently, the distance between Busan and the center of the typhoon is about 230 km.

A typhoon warning has been issued for the Yeongnam coast, the southern seas and the East Sea, and a strong wind advisory is also in effect around these coastal areas.

In this typhoon, you should pay attention to wind rather than rain, especially in the Yeongnam coastal area, where there is a strong wind with a maximum instantaneous wind speed of 70~125km/h.

We also look at rain conditions.

Looking at the current radar image, the rain clouds are centered in the East Sea, and in the Yeongdong area, it is raining at a rate of about 10 mm per hour.

From now on, up to 80mm of rain is expected in the east coast and 20 in the northeast of Gyeongsangbuk-do, and 5-40mm of rain is expected in the eastern inland of Yeongnam, and at most 100mm or more is expected to pour on Ulleungdo.

The typhoon will pass and the momentum of the late heat will be dampened from daytime.