Fifteen days of community service.

This is the sentence to which Cardi B was sentenced for two assaults, two weeks apart in 2018. The rapper was found guilty of this offense, for which she had pleaded guilty, as relayed by Pitchfork.

The facts took place in a strip club in Queens.

Cardi B arrived there with her entourage and attacked a first bartender with bottles of alcohol and chairs.

She had returned 15 days later, to brutalize a second employee, who was the sister of the first victim.

The rapper was suspected by the authorities of having premeditated the two attacks, since she had arrived on the spot with reinforcements to help her hit the two women.

Justice went in this direction, considering that the singer acted thus out of jealousy towards the two waitresses who would have gotten a little too close to her husband, Offset.

grow and mature

Cardi B did not really expand on the facts, but she nevertheless wanted to speak at the end of the sentence.

“Growing up and maturing also means being responsible for one's actions.

As a mother, it's a practice I try to instill in my children, but the example starts with me.

I've made bad decisions in the past, which I'm not afraid to face and own.

Those moments don't define me or reflect who I am now.

I can't wait to get over this with my family and friends and get back to what I love the most: music and my fans,” she said.

Beyond these 15 days of community service, the justice imposed a three-year restraining order against Cardi B to protect the two victims, as well as the reimbursement of legal costs.


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