Because of the typhoon "Hinnamnor" in southern South Korea, thousands of people had to leave their homes for safety reasons.

Almost 3,500 people were brought to safety, South Korean broadcasters reported on Tuesday, citing government information.

Around 15,000 people in areas threatened by landslides and floods were also advised to leave their homes.

More than 20,000 people were temporarily without power.

A young man in the southeastern city of Ulsan was reportedly reported missing on Tuesday night.

Apparently he fell into a river.

The tropical cyclone reached the south coast of the mainland in the early morning before moving northeast again after about two and a half hours, the weather agency said.

It caused strong winds and heavy rains.

According to TV reports, numerous streets were under water.

Multiple buildings and other infrastructure were damaged on southern Jeju Island.

The Korean Peninsula is hit by numerous hurricanes every summer and early autumn.

"Hinnamnor" was the eleventh hurricane this year.

A typhoon warning had also been issued in North Korea.

State media there reported that leader Kim Jong Un chaired a meeting with officials in Pyongyang on Sunday and Monday to review protective measures.