In the international project "Artemis Project" aiming to land astronauts on the moon, NASA = National Aeronautics and Space Administration found a problem during the countdown and postponed the launch of a large rocket on the 4th of next month Japan time. Decided to do it again.

NASA is aiming for the first lunar landing by astronauts since the Apollo program, with the goal of 2025 in the international lunar exploration program "Artemis Project" in which Japan and Europe also participate.

At the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, USA, on the 29th of this month, a large rocket "SLS" = "Space Launch System" equipped with an unmanned spacecraft Orion was scheduled to be launched, but in the middle of the countdown, some A problem was found in the engine, and the launch was temporarily postponed.

And on the 30th, NASA announced that it will launch a large rocket again at 2:17 pm local time on the 3rd of next month and 3:17 am on the 4th Japan time.

It is said that the launch will be possible within 2 hours from this time.

As a result of detailed analysis, it was found that problems such as the inability to cool the first-stage engine that had been found could be dealt with.

This launch is positioned as the first stage of the Artemis program, and the spacecraft Orion launched by SLS is scheduled to perform a test flight to orbit the moon and return to the earth again.