(Fighting against New Coronary Pneumonia) Tibet's Epidemic Prevention and Control Has Achieved Phased Results, All Bus Lines in Shijiazhuang City Are Suspended

  China News Agency, Beijing, August 28th. Comprehensive news: China's National Health and Medical Commission announced on the 28th that there were 307 new confirmed cases in mainland China on the 27th, including 48 imported cases and 259 local cases.

There were 1,137 new asymptomatic infections, including 102 imported cases and 1,035 local cases.

No new deaths were reported.

  As of 24:00 on the 27th, there are 6,932 confirmed cases in mainland China, a total of 5,226 deaths, and a total of 241,955 confirmed cases.

There are 568 confirmed cases imported from abroad, with a total of 22,301 confirmed cases and no deaths.

  The number of local infections in mainland China is increasing for 7 consecutive days, and the epidemic in Hainan and Sanya is basically under control

  On the 27th, 1,294 new local infections (confirmed + asymptomatic) were added in mainland China, a decline for 7 consecutive days, affecting 26 provinces.

Among them, 259 were confirmed locally, from 15 provinces: 70 in Hainan, 69 in Sichuan, 51 in Tibet, 13 each in Guangdong and Shaanxi, 12 in Chongqing, and the other 9 provinces added single-digit additions each.

  There were 1,035 new cases of local asymptomatic infections that day, distributed in 25 provinces.

Among them, 452 were in Tibet, 125 in Hainan, 78 in Sichuan, 76 in Qinghai, 57 in Xinjiang, 52 in Henan, 44 in Shaanxi, 29 in Hebei, 24 in Jiangxi, 21 in Gansu, 12 in Hubei, and 10 in Liaoning. Another 13 provinces added single digits each.

  Hainan Province reported 153 new cases of local infections on the 27th (42 cases of asymptomatic cases have been deducted from confirmed cases), and the daily increase of local infections has fallen below 200 for the first time since August 5.

From August 1st to 27th, Hainan Province has reported a total of 20,170 local infections (8,334 confirmed cases and 11,836 asymptomatic cases), including 15,241 cases in Sanya City.

  Hainan Province announced on the 28th that the epidemic situation in the province has a significant downward trend, and the number of newly infected people on the 27th decreased by 48.5% compared with the 26th.

There were 98 new infections in Sanya City on the 27th, which fell to double digits for the first time since August 4th, and the epidemic was basically under control.

The epidemic situation in other cities and counties has maintained a positive trend, and the focus is to strengthen normalized prevention and control measures and consolidate the results of prevention and control.

  All bus lines in Shijiazhuang City are out of service Chengdu epidemic is in a period of rapid rise

  On the 27th, Hebei Province added 29 cases of local asymptomatic infections, including 25 cases in Shijiazhuang City.

From the 25th to the 27th, Shijiazhuang City has reported a total of 51 local infections in the past three days.

  According to the report of Shijiazhuang City, the virus strain of this epidemic in the city is Omicron BA.2.76, which is highly homologous to the current round of epidemic strains in Tibet.

On the 27th, Shijiazhuang City carried out the third round of nucleic acid screening for all staff in several key areas. Another 30 cases of positive people were detected in the initial screening, and the other 2 mixed tube abnormalities were pending review.

  Shijiazhuang City issued a notice on the 28th saying that in order to curb the spread of the epidemic, all bus lines in the city will be suspended from 15:00 on the 28th, and the subsequent resumption time is to be determined.

Shijiazhuang City also decided that based on the previous implementation of home office in Qiaoxi District, from 14:00 on the 28th to 14:00 on the 31st, all personnel in several key areas will work from home and units will be suspended to minimize the flow of people.

  On the 27th, Sichuan Province added 69 new local confirmed cases and 78 asymptomatic infections.

  The Chengdu Municipal Health and Health Commission of Sichuan Province said on the 28th that after 34 new local infections were added from 12:00 on the 27th to 12:00 on the 28th, Chengdu reported a total of 119 local infections (86 confirmed cases, asymptomatic people) 33 cases).

At present, the epidemic situation in Chengdu is in the stage of rapid increase, and the social activities of the cases are extensive, which have involved public places in many districts (cities) and counties in the city, and the risk of the spread of the epidemic is relatively high.

  It is reported that the current round of the epidemic in Chengdu began on August 25, and the gene sequencing result of the first case was the Omicron variant BA.2.76, which is homologous to the virus strain that has recently been circulating in many places inside and outside the province.

  Tibet's epidemic prevention and control has achieved phased results, Xinjiang's increasing number of infected people has declined for 8 consecutive days

  On the 27th, Tibet added 46 new local confirmed cases (5 asymptomatic cases have been reduced to confirmed cases) and 452 asymptomatic infections. The daily increase of local infections has been below 500 for two consecutive days.

From 0:00 to 14:00 on the 28th, Tibet added 9 local confirmed cases and 156 asymptomatic infections.

As of 14:00 on the 28th, more than 9,000 local infections have been reported in this round of epidemic in Tibet.

  The Tibet Autonomous Region reported on the 28th that as of 16:00 on the 28th, after achieving the goal of social clearance in Nyingchi, Qamdo, Shannan, Nagqu, and Ali areas, some counties (districts) in Lhasa and Shigatse have also achieved social status. Cleared, and Tibet's epidemic prevention and control work has achieved phased results.

  According to the Tibet Autonomous Region Center for Disease Control and Prevention, among the people infected with the current round of the epidemic in Tibet, people in the 20-60 age group account for the majority, mainly because people in this age group have a wide range of social activities and many social activities.

Among all infected people in the region, most of them are asymptomatic, but among infected people over 60 years old, the proportion of common cases is significantly higher than that of other age groups.

In addition, the vaccinated population has milder clinical symptoms than those who have not been vaccinated or who have not completed the full course of vaccination, suggesting that those who have not or not completed the vaccination should step up vaccination.

  On the 27th, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region added 4 new local confirmed cases and 57 asymptomatic infections. The daily increase in local infections declined for 8 consecutive days, and the epidemic prevention and control situation in the region was further improved.

  The overall situation of the epidemic situation in Shaanxi is improving. There are nearly 200 cases of infection in Sanmenxia, ​​Henan.

  On the 27th, Shaanxi Province added 13 local confirmed cases and 44 asymptomatic infections.

As of 24:00 on the 27th, Shaanxi currently has 195 confirmed cases in the hospital and 426 asymptomatic cases under quarantine observation.

  According to a recent report, there are two transmission chains in this round of epidemic in Shaanxi Province. One is the imported epidemic from other provinces since August 10, which has been basically controlled.

One is the "8.15" epidemic that started in Xi'an City. The detected virus is highly homologous to the epidemic strain in a certain province in China, but the source of infection is still unclear.

  According to the official report, the "8.15" epidemic in Shaanxi spread to many places in the province, and the three cities of Xi'an, Shangluo and Yulin, which were the first to appear infected, were the most severely affected.

Xi'an City achieved zero new cases on the 27th, and the number of new cases in Shangluo City gradually decreased, and the epidemic situation showed a positive trend.

The epidemic in Yulin City mainly occurred in Shenmu City, which is still developing.

It is reported that Shenmu City has accurately divided epidemic risk areas and implemented zoning, classification and classification management and control.

  On the 27th, Henan Province added 2 new local confirmed cases and 52 asymptomatic infections, including 42 new asymptomatic infections in Sanmenxia City.

  According to reports, after 2 cases of asymptomatic infection were found in the normalized nucleic acid test in Hubin District of Sanmenxia City on August 19, 7 more positive people were found in the first round of nucleic acid test of all employees on the 20th, and then the epidemic situation in the city continued to develop. , since the 25th, the number of daily infections has increased significantly, with 59, 31, and 42 new cases in the past 3 days. As of the 27th, the city has reported a total of nearly 200 local infections in this round of the epidemic.

At present, the whole area of ​​the main urban area of ​​Sanmenxia is still under static management.