Hainan added 111 new local confirmed cases yesterday, 285 new local asymptomatic infections

  From 0-24:00 on August 25, 2022, there were 357 new infections in Hainan Province (111 confirmed cases, minus 39 asymptomatic confirmed cases; 285 asymptomatic cases).

Among them, 111 new local confirmed cases (including 39 asymptomatic confirmed cases), including 76 cases in Sanya City (including 19 asymptomatic confirmed cases), 12 cases in Danzhou City (including 7 asymptomatic confirmed cases), Wanning 8 cases in the city (including 5 asymptomatic confirmed cases), 7 cases in Ledong County (including 3 asymptomatic cases confirmed), 3 cases in Dongfang City, 3 cases in Lingao County (all asymptomatic cases confirmed), 2 cases in Haikou City There were 285 new local asymptomatic cases, including 250 in Sanya City, 21 in Danzhou City, 12 in Ledong County, and 2 in Wanning City.