To commemorate the 30th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and South Korea, the Korean version of "Decoding Chinese Cultural Gene" was officially launched in South Korea on August 24.

The Korean version of the video series is jointly produced by China News Network, Communication University of China and Seoul China Cultural Center.

  The series of videos "Decoding Chinese Cultural Gene" are mainly aimed at "Generation Z" groups at home and abroad. They focus on 60 Chinese intangible cultural heritages and tell the stories behind the intangible cultural heritage. Genes "come alive".

The series of videos adopts vertical screen composition to adapt to mobile communication, interprets the connotation of intangible cultural heritage with youthful discourse, and promotes the excellent traditional Chinese culture in an innovative form, so that overseas people can perceive the profound heritage of Chinese culture at close range.

  The Chinese and English video series of "Decoding Chinese Cultural Genes" were launched in March this year.

Responsible editor: [Li Ji]