Photo story

55,000 beluga whales arrive in Canada


Every summer, about 55,000 beluga whales leave the Arctic waters, heading to Hudson Bay in Canada, which is considered a resort for this species of whales. This estuary allows the small beluga whales that swim in groups to put their young in its warm and relatively protected waters.

On the surface of the relatively murky waters, beluga whales seem to enjoy the presence of a group of tourists visiting Churchill to see these animals, knowing that this small town of 800 people can only be reached by train or plane, there are no roads that cars can cross to reach these animals. Region.

The bay between November and June, more than seven months a year, is completely frozen, while the melting of the ice predicts the return of the beluga whales to its waters.

This site is an ideal place for these whales, as they can protect themselves from killer whales, in addition to the fact that the estuaries are rich in their food sources.

It is easy to distinguish between the young whales, which are still gray in color, and the adults, which appear white.

Beluga whales swim in the water and smile continuously, but the most striking thing about these whales is their communication abilities, as their voice can sometimes be heard from the surface of the water.

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