, August 19. According to Lhasa's WeChat public account news, in response to the online rumor that "the western suburbs will be cut off in large areas due to water quality reasons", the Lhasa Water Supply Company issued a statement to refute rumors.

  The full text is as follows:

Lhasa City Water Company's statement to refute rumors

  City water users:

  On the afternoon of August 19, the Lhasa City Water Company received a call from a user to report that someone on the Internet had spread information about "large areas of water will be cut off in the western suburbs due to water quality reasons", causing panic among the citizens.

Here, our company solemnly declares: This rumor is purely a rumor!

  At present, it is a critical period for epidemic prevention and control. In order to ensure the safety of the "lifeline" of urban water supply, since August 9, the Lhasa Water Supply Company has implemented closed management in all water plants, and closely monitors changes in water quality. Daily inspection of water, factory water, and peripheral water is carried out. The water quality is in line with the national drinking water standards. Please feel free to use it.

At present, the equipment of each water plant is operating normally, and the staff are on duty 24 hours a day to keep water and supply water. There is no hidden danger of large-scale water interruption.

  For important announcements concerning people's livelihood, such as water shutdown in urban areas, the Lhasa Water Supply Company will notify in advance through official channels such as WeChat public accounts and news media. The general public is requested to pay close attention to the official channel information, and do not believe such rumors. Do not spread rumors.

  If you have any questions, please call the consultation hotline: 0891-6388711 (24 hours)

Lhasa City Water Company

August 19, 2022