The virologist Margarita del Val has pointed out that

monkeypox "is not something as explosive" as the coronavirus pandemic "at all"

, but "it continues its course" and "it is going to be an epidemic that is going to stay with U.S".

In the opinion of the researcher from the Higher Council for Scientific Research (CSIC), the situation is "totally different" from the one experienced with the outbreak of Covid-19, since

there are already some antivirals and a vaccine - that of human smallpox, which also protects against the current one -

and approximately half of the population is vaccinated.

"It is very important because we have the tools that it has taken us a year or two to get against Covid, and it is very good because we are much safer in that sense," Del Val told the media at the Menéndez International University. Pelayo (UIMP) in Santander, before participating in the Aula Ortega y Gasset with young people with the best records in Spain.

Despite these factors in favor,

he has warned that what is most worrying is that "the mode of transmission is very difficult to control"

, to which is added that for now "we have very few doses" to vaccinate and it is necessary to manufacture more , something that "complicates with a geostrategic risk".

Meanwhile, other countries had because "they had been cautious", but Spain did not.

Specifically, he explained that smallpox was eradicated 42 years ago and vaccination was stopped, so

today those over 40 or 50 years of age are immunized

, who may not have "as powerful" protection as when they put it on but it was "very important".

For this reason, and given that it has been proven that vaccines continue to protect over the years, the virologist has indicated that this virus is different from Covid in the sense that it is "more conserved", to the point that "a vaccine against another virus - human smallpox - almost totally protects" against monkey pox.

To questions from journalists,

Del Val has denied that they want to hide cases of this disease, something that is also "very difficult" because it is "very visible."

In fact, he has pointed out that

on average those infected have 70 or 80 pustules


"It can't be hidden easily, nor is it worth it because it's going to keep spreading."

"A liar is caught sooner than a lame person," the researcher has sentenced, explaining that fewer cases may now be being reported coinciding with the summer and the holidays, but "this is continuing."

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