A private party video by Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin has caused a stir.

In the video, which according to media reports was first published as a story on Instagram and then circulated on social media, the 36-year-old dances and sings with her friends.

"These are private pictures that were not intended for the public," Sanna Marin commented on the video to the Iltalehti newspaper on Thursday.

"I am sad that they have been published." She trusted that they would not leak.

At the same time, the Prime Minister said: "I have nothing to hide and I have not done anything illegal." At the celebration in private premises a few weeks ago, she drank alcohol but did not use any drugs.

With her friends, who include a Finnish influencer, an artist and two moderators, she then moved on to two bars.

She spends her free time just like other people her age.

"I hope that will be accepted," Marin told broadcaster Yle.

"We live in a democracy."

Marin has drawn attention to herself several times in the past, for example by attending rock festivals and partying in discos.

Opinions differ in Finland on their fondness for parties.

While many Finns, especially younger ones, are proud of their exuberant prime minister, there was also criticism on the Internet on Thursday: "That's not prime minister's level.

You should know how to behave," commented one user on Twitter.

Another user reacted relaxed: "Ok.

A young person having fun.

So what."