Times are changing, the public's awareness level is constantly improving, and people have a more rational attitude between emotion and law

  A man in Peixian County, Xuzhou died after hitting a telephone pole on a motorcycle.

Recently, the Peixian People's Court heard the case.

After on-the-spot investigation, the court found that the accident road was a rural production road, and the accident telephone pole was about 42 centimeters away from the road surface, which did not occupy the road surface.

  If you look closely at the cause and effect of the case, you will find that this is not a complicated case, and the rights and responsibilities are very clear.

There is no problem with the road, and there is no problem with the telephone pole. Liu, who is driving a motorcycle, not only did not wear a safety helmet, but also drove an unlicensed two-wheeled motorcycle without a license plate, and should be held responsible for his own death.

For this reason, netizens generally support the court's decision, believing that the court upholds fairness and justice, "Don't let the unreasonable demands of me die, I'm justified, and I'm justified, succeed."

  The sobriety and wiseness of netizens reflects, on the one hand, the general public consensus on fairness and justice, and on the other hand, the improvement of the public's legal literacy and awareness of the rule of law.

Generally speaking, when someone is killed in a traffic accident, it often arouses public sympathy. This sympathy is based on the public's regret for life and understanding of the grief of their families.

However, human feelings belong to human feelings, and the law still needs a certain rigidity to distinguish right from wrong, so that rights and responsibilities are equal.

  It should be seen that this kind of unreasonable behavior that is obviously at fault itself, especially those cases that cannot be reversed based on legal common sense, has also caused a waste of judicial resources to a certain extent.

In any case, we discourage this ethos.

This time, netizens generally maintained their rationality and judgment in this incident, which can be regarded as a kind of progress in the spirit of the rule of law.

  Times are changing, and the public's awareness level is constantly improving. People have a more rational attitude between love and law.

This also reminds us that no matter who we are, we must improve our personal level in the face of a society that is constantly improving and progressing.

Otherwise, they can only appear to be out of tune with the era of the rule of law.

Our pursuit of justice should be, "There is no reason to make trouble, and it is useless to make trouble without reason."

  Similar cases, in fact, more than one.

In 2020, Li Mou of Xianju, Zhejiang died after driving an electric car after drinking and crashing into a light pole on the side of the road.

Li's family took the owner of the street light pole, the local town government, to court, claiming more than 700,000 yuan. The court rejected all of Li's family's claims.

We hope that such firm and powerful judgments will increase and play a wider role in popularizing the law, thereby reducing vexatious legal claims.

  However, it should also be noted that many people who speak on the Internet are "bystanders clearing the authorities and fans".

When watching other people's affairs, they can often be able to do their own good and objectively evaluate them; but if it happens to themselves or their family members, they often fall into emotional irrationality, and even get into the horns and never want to walk out.

  We often have a sense of the rule of law, and in many cases, rationality is the premise for generating a sense of the rule of law.

When a person encounters emergencies and huge shocks, being able to maintain a basic rational cognition is actually a part of legal literacy.

When a person dies in an accident, the family always wants to find some reasons to comfort themselves, and even think that if they can ask for a little compensation, they will pay a little. This is a common psychology.

But whether this selfishness can be restrained and a greater sense of responsibility also determines a person's spirit of the rule of law.

  It also needs to be reminded that while people are watching and evaluating this case, they can express and emphasize their awareness of the rule of law and simple moral concepts, but they don’t have to be cynical to the parties involved, or even become family members of cyberbullying.

You know, litigation is also a fundamental individual right.

As for whether their claims are justified or not, and whether the court supports them or not, that is another matter.

This is also part of the rule of law.

  Chengdu Business Daily-Red Star News Special Commentator Fan Cheng