This summer, the movie "Jurassic World 3" set off a dinosaur craze all over the world, inspiring people's infinite reverie about dinosaurs.

If you want to know the secrets of dinosaurs, you might as well go to Kunming City Museum in Yunnan to see the new exhibition and crack the secrets of ancient creatures.

  A few days ago, the second and third parts of the Kunming Museum's new exhibition "The Vicissitudes of Dianchi Lake - Kunming Hidden in Stones" officially met the audience.

Following the first part of the exhibition, "Kunming in Nature", the second part, "The Code of Life in Fossils" and the third part, "Searching for the Roots, Tracing the Origin and Inquiring into the Future" have been carefully arranged to reveal the mystery.

Why is Kunming's geography, climate, biology, geology, minerals and other natural phenomena so special?

What is the relationship between these natural features and the geological movements over hundreds of millions of years?

All these questions can be answered in the new exhibition.

Small shell fossils on display for the first time

  Fossils are broken fragments of memory in geological history, leaving a trace of their existence to future generations.

In the long history of the earth and life, there are three unique small fragments in the Kunming area - the small shell fauna of Meishu Village in Jinning, the dinosaurs and dinosaur footprints in the sunset in Jinning, the "Kunming people" in Longtan Mountain in Chenggong, They make people realize that life is not easy to survive tenaciously.

  According to the staff of the Public Service Department of Kunming Museum, although this is a re-launched exhibition after the original dinosaur exhibition hall was upgraded and renovated, some new exhibits have been added.

  Around 540 million years ago, at the turn of the Proterozoic and Phanerozoic, a large number of animals with bones appeared on the earth. The fossils formed by them are called "small shell fossils", with an average length of 1-2 mm, involving mollusks , Brachiopods, Coelenterates, Unidentified Animals and many other biological phyla.

"Small shell fauna" indicates that animals began to have the ability to grow bones, and the defensive skeleton means that predators and prey start an "arms race" in body structure, which promotes the establishment of modern ecosystems with complex food chains as the core, It is the prelude to the "Cambrian Explosion".

"Small crustaceans" are widely distributed in the early Cambrian strata around the world, and Meishu Village in Jinning is one of the most representative production areas.

The small shell fossil specimens and enlarged models of small shell animals displayed in the exhibition restore the life scenes of small shell animals for the audience.

Dinosaur fossils are popular

  For those who like the Jurassic series of film and television works, the wonderful dinosaur marks and dinosaur era sections are not to be missed, which attracted many young audiences on the opening day.

Whether it is the dinosaur fossils that have not been restored, the palpable skull model of Shuangsaurus, the restoration of the fighting scene between Shuangsaurus and Yunnan dragon, and the video of "Mysterious Footprints", the audience will linger.

  The dinosaurs in Jinning and Anning in Kunming belonged to the same geological period as the dinosaurs in Chuxiong and Yuxi in central Yunnan, with similar species, and they are the earliest dinosaurs in China.

In 1987, the staff found two dinosaur fossils in Qinglong Mountain, Muqilang Village, Xiyang Township, Jinning, one was a nearly complete Shuangcrestosaurus, and the other was Yunnanosaurus.

Shuangsaurus is a medium-sized carnivorous dinosaur with a length of about 5.5 meters. The most obvious feature is a pair of high ridges on the top of its head. Shuangsaurus has been discovered in Arizona, USA, and Jinning's Shuangsaurus is related to it. Compared with the obvious difference, it was named "Chinese Double Crest Dragon".

The Yunnan dragon was first discovered in Yuanmou in 1942. This is a four-legged herbivorous dinosaur with a length of about 7 meters.

How thrilling was the fight between Shuangxiong and Yunnan dragon?

There are scenes restored in the exhibition hall, and the audience can go to find out.

Kunming people look like this

  What is a "person"?

Accustomed to walking on two legs, making and using tools, possessing a language and culture, or a certain "key" trait?

People are trying to find a perfect definition to explain the human species.

  It is worth mentioning that the ancient humans in the Kunming area are represented by the discovery of Longtan Mountain in Chenggong.

Longtan Mountain is a steamed bun-shaped hill with a diameter of more than 300 meters in Chenggong. It is composed of Permian limestone, and there are caves on the mountain.

Since 1973, mammal fossils, human parietal bone fossils, hammered stone tools, human tooth fossils, human skull and mandible fossils have been successively discovered in Longtan Mountain. material.

  This exhibition displays related fossils, stone tools, etc. of "Kunming Man", as well as other Cenozoic mammal fossils, exhibits that reflect the environment in Kunming and its impact on humans, those "Kunming Man" skulls, mandibles, parietal bones, let us see To the appearance of "Kunming people".

  This summer, I went to the Kunming Museum, followed the footsteps of the pioneers of paleontology, explored the secrets of geological strata, searched for the dinosaur fossils in Xiyang Township, learned about the ancient human fossils in Longtan Mountain, and studied the book of the earth composed of fossils.

  Cover reporter Zeng Jie and intern Lin Xiao