On August 16, some netizens discovered that the abandoned mine in Jiande, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province has become a "summer resort" that has recently become a popular check-in spot for Xiaohongshu. Many bloggers will mention "playable and cool", "new "The Unknown World", "Perfect Summer Resort"... This "planting grass" attracts more netizens to visit.

  Bloggers take pictures, camp in front of the mines, and even venture into the mines.

The exquisite blockbuster is matched with keywords such as #mine cave exploration#, #mine cave camping#, constantly stimulating everyone's curiosity, and can't help but make people yearn for it.

  Many netizens pointed out that the mine where the blogger planted grass was located in Xietian Village, Qintang Township, Jiande City.

  At present, the openings of the five local mines have all been closed and cannot be entered again.

Whether or not these mines will be developed in the next step will be decided after the exploration and investigation is completed.

  Many bloggers recommend that the current 5 local mines have been closed

  Searching on the platform with the keyword "mining cave exploration", although the system prompts "dangerous behavior, please do not imitate", there are still many pictures and texts about mine cave exploration, as well as walking into the mine cave to take pictures" Concave shape" picture.

  Regarding the "Xietian Mine Cave in Jiande, Hangzhou", many netizens pointed out that before this, its popularity on Xiaohongshu was very high, not only many bloggers posted pictures and texts to promote "planting grass", but also bloggers The specific location is indicated in the guide.

  But at present, the blogger has updated the content in the original text, reminding everyone about the risks of mine exploration, and emphasizing that the mines have been sealed.

  On the afternoon of the 16th, the staff of the village committee of Xietian Village, Qintang Township, Jiande City revealed to reporters that there are a total of 5 mining caves in the area, and no one has come to explore the caves before. more.

The caves are connected, not only the fork roads are like a maze, but also the rocks on the mountain walls and the mountain have cracks, and there may be falling rocks at any time, posing a safety hazard.

  A few days ago, the local area took measures to seal the entrances of the caves with cement and bricks. At present, the entrances of the five local mines have all been closed and cannot be entered again.

According to reports, whether these mines will be developed in the next step will be decided after the exploration and investigation is completed.

  The net red mine is a closed calcium carbonate mine first discovered by off-road vehicle enthusiasts

  According to the Metropolitan Express, "Xietian Mine in Jiande, Hangzhou" is a closed calcium carbonate mine.

The calcium carbonate mine in Xietian Village has been systematically mined since the 1990s, and at first it was exploited extensively, leaving more than 10 mines on the mountain.

Until around 2007, the mining rights were nationalized, and after the integration and closure of mining sites, three mining companies finally obtained mining licenses and established three mining sites.

  "There were two mines that closed within two years, and those mines were flooded with weeds after they were closed; among them, Junxiang Mining didn't close until 2019. The mines 1 to 5 mentioned on the Internet were at that time. It was left by Junxiang Mining.” Li Xiaowei, Secretary of the Party Committee of Xietian Village, said that the mine has been conducting exploration in the past two years to detect how much reserves are left, and these mines are only locked with iron gates.

  The road to the mine was rough and bumpy, the road conditions were complicated, and the car was bumpy.

Since the road conditions are so bad, how did netizens find it?

  "It was first discovered by off-road vehicle enthusiasts in Tonglu." Xu Linhai, director of Qintang Rural Town Construction Office, said that Xietian Village is separated from Tonglu's Ershan Township by a mountain. Going over the mountain is Eshan Township. The Qianmu Rhododendron in Qintang is on the top of the mountain, so this road has also become the choice of off-road vehicle enthusiasts. After the ore mining stopped for the past two years, they walked into these mines by the roadside.

  "The mines on the mountain are very large, more than enough for 8,000 people in the whole town to enter, and each cave is connected, it is a big maze. I saw the recommendations of these mines on Douyin, considering the potential safety hazards, the first The mine was closed for a while."

  beautiful mine

  What are the dangers?

  In the eyes of bloggers, what are the dangers of a mine that has a high "film rate" and can escape the heat?

  "Abandoned mines are definitely not places to play. There are too many risk factors. For example, it is easy to get lost if you enter without authorization, there are puddles of different depths, and there are some holes that cannot be seen but are actually hollow... Even ore It is very dangerous. The ore is different from ordinary stones. It is sharp and angular, which can easily hurt people.” Chen Jianming, the leader of the Hangzhou Red Cross Wolf Pack Emergency Rescue Team, and his team members often simulate mine rescue. “The shaft of the mine is often 200 At a depth of 300 meters, it is easy to lack oxygen, and it is very difficult to transport people directly to the ground, let alone clearing obstacles and transporting stretchers."

  Shen Xiaobin, deputy leader of the Langxing Public Welfare Emergency Rescue Team in Lin'an District, Hangzhou City, often goes to the mine. In his opinion, even a mine managed by someone is difficult to guarantee, let alone an abandoned mine. "The internal structure of the mine It is complicated, it is difficult to fully grasp, and there are many uncertain factors. There are many shafts in the mine that are mining downwards, which are not only deep but also prone to landslides, with great potential safety hazards, and it is very difficult to rescue in the event of an accident.”

  There are often underground rivers or lakes in the caves. It is also common to hear the sound and not see running water. This step is still a hard rock, and maybe the next step is an unfathomable pool of water.

The water level of the underground river changes significantly with the seasons, and if there is a heavy rain, it is very likely that the water will fill the cave overnight.

  At the same time, caves are often the habitat of many beasts. Humans exploring in caves are trespassing on the territory of beasts and are likely to be attacked.

In addition, there is generally no mobile phone communication signal in the cave, and it is difficult to send out a distress signal in case of distress, so it is extremely dangerous to explore alone.

  In addition to the most significant risk factors above, expeditions may also face caves collapsed, stuck in slits, lack of drinking water, and more.

All in all, spelunking is dangerous, and there are always unexpected situations.

Therefore, cave exploration is not a simple game. It not only requires a certain degree of professional knowledge such as geology and biology, but more importantly, it requires a wealth of knowledge of wild survival and good physical fitness. Even professional explorers may still encounter accidents. , let alone ordinary ALICE.

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