Due to the issue that a new person infected with the new corona, which Chiba Prefecture accepted registration on the Internet, was counted as an infected person in Tokyo, the prefecture requested notification of infected persons from medical institutions in Tokyo that are conducting online diagnosis. We would like to improve by introducing a mechanism to accept in the prefecture.

Since last month, Chiba Prefecture has started to register information on a dedicated site for those who have been confirmed positive by self-testing using antigen test kits, etc. It has become clear that the number of infected people was recorded in Tokyo.

According to Chiba Prefecture, about 20,000 infected people registered through a dedicated site by the 15th due to the fact that the diagnosis was made by a doctor at a medical institution in Tokyo, and it was reported as a new infected person to the public health center in the city. 7,000 people are believed to have been counted in Tokyo.

On the other hand, as a result of reconfirming the received notification, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government said that by the 16th, approximately 18,000 people had been recorded by the metropolitan government through a dedicated website in Chiba Prefecture.

According to Chiba Prefecture and the metropolitan government, the reason for the difference in the number of people is that

▼ there is a time lag between registration and being counted as an infected person, and

▼ there were duplicate registered infected people. It means that there is a possibility that

In the future, Chiba Prefecture will introduce a mechanism for receiving reports of infected people from medical institutions in Tokyo that are conducting online diagnosis at public health centers in the prefecture. We would like to make improvements so that we can record in a way that is in line with the actual situation.