Recently, the news of the bizarre "disappearance" of copper concentrates with a total value of nearly 6 billion yuan stored in Qinhuangdao Port has aroused widespread concern in the market.

  On August 14, China Business News reported that 13 companies purchased multiple batches of copper concentrate and shipped them to Qinhuangdao Port. Without the owner's order, nearly 300,000 tons of copper concentrate were shipped away by a third party.

Whether Qingang Co., Ltd. (601326.SH), which is responsible for the actual operation of the port, is responsible for the disappearance of the goods, has aroused the question of the cargo owner.

  On the morning of August 15, Qingang Co., Ltd. urgently issued a clarification announcement, saying that the company was concerned about the media report on the breach of contract by the Qinhuangdao Port copper concentrate, and stated that it did not participate in this trade dispute.

Subsequently, the staff of its securities agency also responded to the Red Star Capital Bureau, saying that the "disappearance" incident of copper concentrate had nothing to do with the company: "The public security organ has opened a case to investigate the incident, and the company has not entered the proceedings as a defendant."

  6 billion yuan copper concentrate "disappeared" Qingang shares responded

  Qingang shares said that around August 1, 300,000 tons of copper concentrate with a total value of 6 billion yuan by 13 shippers were transported away by third party Liu Yu without a single.

13 cargo owners entrusted China Qinhuangdao Ocean Shipping Agency Co., Ltd. and Qinhuangdao Foreign Shipping Agency Co., Ltd. and other two freight forwarding companies to do customs declaration, cargo storage and other work; the freight forwarding company signed a port operation contract with the company.

  Qingang Co., Ltd. stated in the announcement that after preliminary verification: the public security organ has filed an investigation into the incident; the company has not participated in this trade dispute, and the company has not entered the proceedings as a defendant; the company, as a port enterprise, provides port operation services, and The freight forwarding company signs a contract between the two parties and enters and exits the warehouse according to the instructions of the freight forwarding company. It is not obliged to further verify the actual identity of the owner and obtain the consent of the owner; the freight forwarding company and the company belong to the same controlling shareholder, Hebei Port Group Co., Ltd., but the two freight forwarding companies and the company have no equity Liu Yu also has nothing to do with the company.

  For the clarification of Qingang shares, the market does not seem to buy it.

After the announcement, the A-shares of Qingang shares fell by the limit at the opening, and then the stock price slowly rebounded.

As of the close, the decline was 0.72%, and it closed at 2.76 yuan per share, with a total market value of 13.131 billion yuan.

  There are also investors in the Qingang Stock Bar: "Is the company management too chaotic?"

  Subsequently, the Red Star Capital Bureau called Qingang Co., Ltd., and the staff of its Securities and Exchange Department once again emphasized that the sudden and bizarre "disappearance" of the 6 billion copper concentrate had nothing to do with the company: "The public security organ has opened a case to investigate the incident, and the company has not acted as a defendant. The party entered the proceedings.”

  In addition to Qingang shares, the market is also very concerned about the 13 shipper companies involved.

According to market sources, the state-owned enterprises involved in the bizarre disappearance of the copper concentrate in Qinhuangdao Port include Jiangxi Copper International Trade, Wanxiang Resources, Zhejiang Property, Zhuhai Huafa, Xiamen Xiangyu, etc.

  On August 15th, the Red Star Capital Bureau called the above-mentioned companies one by one, and only the relevant departments of Zhejiang Products responded that they had not received relevant notices.

As of press time, none of the other companies responded.

  who carried away the copper concentrate

  Why did he run away

  Qingang Co., Ltd. mentioned in the announcement that 300,000 tons of copper concentrate with a total value of 6 billion yuan by 13 shippers was transported by third party Liu Yu without a single, and Liu Yu had nothing to do with the company.

  According to reports, a number of cargo owners also stated that the above-mentioned "missing" copper concentrate was transferred away by a release order issued by a person named Liu Yu and his related parties.

Ningbo Hesheng International Trade Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Ningbo Hesheng") and Huludao Ruisheng Trading Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Huludao Ruisheng") actually controlled by Liu Yu are alleged to be involved.

  Who is Liu Yu?

According to a report from China Business News, a senior analyst in the copper industry revealed that Liu Yu used to be the head of the procurement department of a copper company, and later he came out to work alone to trade copper concentrate raw materials.

"Liu Yu has been working in the copper concentrate market for about eight or nine years. At present, the transaction volume in the national copper concentrate trade market is among the best. The annual trade volume of the company under his name is about 1 million tons." A personal experience of Liu Yu According to industry sources familiar with the matter.

  According to the Tianyancha APP, Liu Yu is currently the legal representative of 3 companies including Shenzhen Ruicheng Chenyang Trading Co., Ltd., and also serves as a shareholder in 9 companies including Ningbo Yitongyuan International Trading Co., Ltd. Company and other 8 companies as executives.

  Among the two companies accused of being involved in the disappearance of copper concentrates, Ningbo Hesheng was established in 2018. The company is located in Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province, and Liu Yu holds 30% of Ningbo Hesheng’s shares.

Huludao Ruisheng was established in 2011. The company is located in Huludao City, Liaoning Province. Liu Yu was an executive of the company, but he quit in 2018.

It is worth mentioning that both companies are mainly engaged in wholesale business.

  Why was Liu Yu able to transport 300,000 tons of copper concentrate without the owner's order?

  According to reports, on August 2, the cargo owner, the freight forwarding company, and Liu Yu held a tripartite inquiry meeting. Liu Yu admitted that Ningbo Hesheng and Huludao Ruisheng, through Qinhuangdao Foreign Logistics, implemented the act of extracting the goods for resale without the owner's order.

On August 15, the Red Star Capital Bureau made a public call to the above-mentioned company, but no one answered it as of press time.

  Why did Liu Yu take away 300,000 tons of copper concentrate?

A cargo owner revealed to Yicai: "At the questioning meeting, Liu Yu claimed to have predicted that the price of copper would rise, so he invested a lot of money in unilateral long investment in June, but soon after the purchase, the price of copper fell sharply. , and was forced to close the position and cut the meat, and the losses were heavy. Therefore, after the goods were resold in advance this time, the goods could no longer be filled back, resulting in thunderstorms."

  The Red Star Capital Bureau noticed that in June this year, copper prices did experience a rare plummet.

According to data from, from June 6 to July 15, the main copper force in Shanghai dropped from 73,120 yuan/ton to 53,400 yuan/ton, a drop of 27% in just over a month.

According to a report from The Paper on July 17, the price of copper cables just recovered by cable recyclers at that time may not have been shipped to the factory, and the price per ton dropped by 2,000 yuan.

  For Liu Yu's statement, many shippers find it difficult to agree, "We have asked professionals in the industry to calculate, no matter how much we lose, we can't lose nearly 300,000 tons of cargo." Thirteen cargo owners have reported the case to the public security organ, and the case has been filed and accepted for contract fraud.

The owner hopes that the public security organs and relevant agencies will find out the truth and trace the whereabouts of the copper concentrate.

  Chengdu Commercial Daily-Red Star News reporter Yu Yaoqiang Yaxian