China News Service, Urumqi, August 16th (Wang Xiaojun and Lou Linyi) In the early morning, the sun was shining on the tent. The self-driving camp in Dushanzi District, Karamay City, Xinjiang, Mr. Lei, a Sichuan tourist who was stranded here due to the epidemic, turned on his mobile phone to record every day Everything that happened, tells fans the stories of Xinjiang every moment.

  When Mr. Lei came to Xinjiang, he was accustomed to eating local specialties of naan and rice porridge for breakfast every day.

  "This is the first time I traveled to Xinjiang. The food here is so delicious and the people are so warm. At present, we are staying in Dushanzi until the epidemic is over, and then continue to visit Xinjiang." Mr. Lei said on the 16th.

The self-driving camp in Dushanzi District, Karamay City, Xinjiang provides free services for stranded passengers.

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  On August 4, Mr. Lei's family entered Dushanzi along the Duku Highway from Yining City, Xinjiang.

Affected by the epidemic, they had to stay there.

Then they encountered troubles in their lives: they wanted to cook without a pot, they wanted to buy a pot but there was no takeaway delivery, and there was no milk for their 3-year-old daughter to drink...

  As an Internet celebrity, Mr. Lei's Douyin account has nearly 60,000 fans.

Therefore, he thought of asking fans and friends to help.

After he posted his difficulties on the Douyin account, he quickly received a reply from the local Dushanzi fans.

  "We saw on Douyin that their family lacked daily necessities, so we took the initiative to get in touch with them, saying that we were locals and could help them buy things and send them over." In the interview, the 20-year-old Dushanzi girl "Yang Yang" " and 15-year-old cousin "Jia Jia" told reporters.

  But Mr. Lei was afraid of being caught by "Yang Yang". He said: "I know that Xinjiang people are very enthusiastic, and I am worried that she will buy it for me and will not pay a penny. If she doesn't want money, I will be embarrassed! "

  In the end, Mr. Lei decided on a principle: "She must collect the money. If she doesn't collect the money, I won't let her help!" So he preemptively distributed a red envelope of 200 yuan.

  Things developed as he expected, and the "routine" came: "Yang Yang" refused to accept the money.

The self-driving camp in Dushanzi District, Karamay City, Xinjiang provides a place to prepare and cook meals.

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  "It's not easy for everyone to go out. I'm a local, so I don't want to accept it." "Yang Yang", who just entered the sophomore year this year, is very understanding.

  But "Yang Yang", who really wanted to help, couldn't beat Mr. Lei, so he had no choice but to collect the money.

The first "routine" "completely failed".

After a while, pure milk, watermelon, naan, and wok were all delivered.

  Mr. Lei was busy sorting out the supplies, and "Yang Yang" sent the "remaining money" left over from the purchase.

Mr. Lei thought to himself that the "routine" came again.

"I don't believe it! I suspect that the red envelope she sent is the first 200 yuan. I bought so many things, just a pot cost 129 yuan, and there are milk, watermelon, and two large Nang, isn't it? You guys in Xinjiang, one routine is deeper than another, so I can't be fooled by you!" In the Douyin video, Mr. Lei refused to accept it very firmly.

  "If you have any difficulties and needs, you can contact us! I believe that we Xinjiang people will help you solve them, don't be polite!" Sisters "Yang Yang" and "Jiajia" said that they hope Xinjiang will leave a good impression on everyone !

We are a good place in Xinjiang, and Xinjiang always welcomes everyone!

  The reporter learned in the interview that at present, Mr. Lei's family lives very comfortably in Dushanzi.

Mr. Lei said: "Wait until the epidemic is over and continue to travel. In September, I will go to northern Xinjiang to enjoy the beautiful autumn scenery of Xinjiang."

  Ms. Wang, a tourist from Guangzhou who had the same "experience" as Mr. Lei, said: "At present, I am stranded in Dushanzi District, and I have no difficulty in life. The conditions of the self-driving camp are very good and the service is very good. Some inconveniences, we understand very well, and hope the epidemic will calm down as soon as possible."

Mr. Lei took his daughter to get living supplies, and her daughter was holding Xinjiang big naan on her head.

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  Mr. Xia from Changsha came to Xinjiang to play with his friends. He said: "The service guarantee here is very good. After returning home, I will promote it with more friends, and I will definitely come back to Xinjiang if I have the opportunity."

  Mr. Ni and his lover from Shanghai have been in Xinjiang for a month and a half. Even the epidemic has not wiped out their love for the beauty of Xinjiang.

"It's very convenient to live in Dushanzi, and the environment is good and services are guaranteed." Mr. Ni said, "We can actually leave, but we want to continue traveling after the epidemic has subsided. The autumn scenery in Xinjiang is not to be missed." (End)