You've watched every episode of Season 4 of

Stranger Things

and Season 3 of

The Boys

, you've even devoured the hugely successful Season 3 of

My First Times

and tackled the beginning of the end of

Better Call Saul


Out of inspiration for the end of the holidays?

Want to show off at the start of the school year in front of the coffee machine?

Here are the seven series that have been talked about this summer and that you can still catch up on before the end of your holidays!

The shock ordeal of "Five Days at Memorial"

A shock miniseries, which, like


, does the autopsy of a disaster with a lot of humanity.

Five Days at Memorial

, an 8-episode miniseries available on Apple TV+, written by Carlton Cuse (


) and John Ridley (Oscar winner for

Twelve Years a Slave

) returns to the ordeal of a New Orleans hospital just after the passage of Hurricane Katrina in 2005. As the water and the temperature rise, without electricity or food, caregivers have to make impossible decisions.

Five days later, 45 patients died.

Were they euthanized?

The eight episodes of this medical drama, available on Apple TV+, are served by an impeccable cast including Vera Farmiga (

Bates Motel

), Cornelius Smith Jr. (


), and Cherry Jones (

American Crime


Adaptation of the eponymous book by Sheri Fink, journalist at the New York Times and ex-doctor,

Five Days at Memorial

, assessment of a health system in failure, resonates even more tragically in the midst of a pandemic.

“Uncoupled”, the light romcom


Sex and the City

in gay mode!


, an 8-episode miniseries available on Netflix, follows Michael (Neil Patrick Harris), 50, a real estate agent specializing in the sale of luxury apartments in New York, who is dumped after nearly seventeen years of living together with his mate, Colin.

Michael will have to learn the new codes of flirting and dating in the era of Grindr and try to rebuild his life.

Co-creation of Darren Star (

Emily in Paris, Sex and the City

) and Jeffrey Richman (

Modern Family

) owes a lot to the play of Neil Patrick Harris all in light humor, with a touch of sensitivity.

A light and tangy romcom as we like them!

The Gothic saga “The Sandman”

It took thirty years for an adaptation of

The Sandman

, Neil Gaiman's famous comic book series, to see the light of day!

No wonder if you consider that this dark saga tells from the end of the 19th century to the present day, a great story of gods and demons.

The Sandman


follows the imprisonment, release and journey through dimensions of Morpheus, the lord of dreams, to restore his powers.

Daniel Sturridge is joined by a top cast including Gwendoline Christie, Boyd Holbrook, Kirby Howell-Baptiste and Charles Dance with vocal performances from Patton Oswalt and Mark Hamill.

Before the impending release of

House of the Dragon


Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power

, the 10 episodes of the first season of

The Sandman

, available on Netflix, have nothing to be ashamed of!

Time travel of the “Paper Girls”

Paper Girls

follows four young girls who, while delivering newspapers the day after Halloween in 1988, find themselves unwittingly caught up in a conflict between warring factions of time travelers: the Old Guard (conservative time travelers) and the 'Underground (Rebel Time Travelers).

Transported into the future, these 12-year-old girls will come face to face with adult versions of themselves… and attempt to return home to the past.

If the pitch of

Paper Girls

, whose 8 episodes are available on Amazon Prime Video, can echo Stranger Things – a group of children facing strange phenomena in the 1980s – the adaptation by Stephany Folsom (

Toy Story

4) written and produced by Christopher Cantwell and Christopher C. Rogers (

Halt & Catch Fire

) based on the cult comics by Brian K. Vaughan and Cliff Chiang is far from being a simple copy of the Netflix success.

This addictive candy is an initiatory story where it is a question of embracing or rejecting your destiny... We are impatiently awaiting season 2!

"Black Bird" makes the conversation

Dennis Lehane, American thriller writer, known among other things for

Mystic River

, brought to the screen by Clint Eastwood in 2003 – adapts the autobiography

In With The Devil: a Fallen Hero, a Serial Killer and a Dangerous Bargain

, co-written by one of the protagonists of this true story, James Keene.

This former drug dealer, sentenced to ten years in prison, made an agreement with the FBI who offered him, in exchange for a reduced sentence, to bond with a serial killer, Larry Hall, in order to obtain a confession. of the psychopath, while the investigation is at a standstill and he could be released for lack of evidence.

This miniseries, available on Apple TV+, relies on a solid cast: Taron Egerton, seen in


, plays the drug dealer, Paul Walter Hauser saw

Clint Eastwood's Richard Jewell Case

embodies the serial killer, and Ray Liotta appears here, moving, in his last role before his death on May 26 as the father of James Keene, ex-cop ravaged by alcohol and regrets.

Six episodes whose atmosphere sometimes evokes


, sometimes

True Detective




The true crime “Landscapers”

A duo as adorable as poisonous!


, a four-episode miniseries

available on Canal+, looks back on a news item that made headlines in the United Kingdom in the 2010s


they have been hiding the murder of Susan's parents for fifteen years, whom they buried in their garden before fleeing to France, to start a new life... Olivia Colman (

The Crown

) and David Thewlis (known for his role as Remus Lupin in the saga "Harry Potter") are amazing in their role of murderers to whom we would give the good Lord without confession.

A true crime as hallucinating as it is delightful!

The romance "The Summer I Became Pretty"

A romance adapted from Jenny Han's bestsellers.

The first season of

The Summer I Got Pretty

follows the adventures of Isabel “Belly” Conklin.

Since she was little, she used to spend her summers at Cousin's Beach with her mother, her older brother, as well as her mother's best friend and her two sons.

Only here, this summer, she is no longer a child, but a young woman... A charming summer getaway, an ode to the loves of youth that becomes touching when the stories of passage to adulthood meet the concerns of the generation of parents…


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