Agents from the customs brigade in Dax (Landes) seized 8.5 kg of fentanyl, revealed the Ministry of Economy and Finance in a press release on Tuesday.

Positioned at the Castets toll on August 11, it was while checking a car with two men on board that the agents came across seven heat-sealed packets containing colored stamps.

In total, 19,500 fentanyl tablets are counted.

The previous major seizure of this opiate dates back to 2019: Dieppe customs officers then got their hands on 10 kg of fentanyl.

Major breakthrough in North America

“This drug, classified as a narcotic in France, is an analgesic, 100 times more powerful than heroin, and is subject to very close monitoring,” specifies the Ministry of Economy and Finance.

“Fentanyl and its derivatives, the misuse of which is used, have experienced a major breakthrough in North America for several years, causing tens of thousands of overdoses and an explosion of seizures.


At the end of the customs detention, the two suspects were handed over to the Bayonne judicial police.

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