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Headlines: Kenya in uncertainty after Ruto's narrow presidential victory

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William Ruto, after being declared the winner of the presidential election in Nairobi, Kenya, August 15, 2022. © REUTERS / THOMAS MUKOYA

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Barely declared the winner, with just over 50% of the vote, " 

William Ruto saw his victory immediately contested by the losing candidate Raila Odinga

 ", notes the Nairobi correspondent of the

New York Times

, who describes how " 

the chairs have stolen from the room where Ruto announced his victory

 ” before violent protests also erupted in several parts of the country.

The election is therefore pending

 ," notes the American correspondent, who believes " 

that it is almost certain that the dispute will be brought before the courts



Kenyans must now wait and see if Odinga will challenge the results in court

 “, also underlines the correspondent of the


, who is concerned that allegations of electoral fraud “ 

will give rise to bloody clashes as was the case after the presidential elections of 2007 and 2017


The Odinga camp has 7 days to file an appeal

 ", otherwise " 

the new president will take office in two weeks

 ", notes

Le Temps

, which paints the portrait of William Ruto, 55, " 

from a modest family and became one of the first fortunes of the country

 ”, explains the Swiss daily.

A " 

self-made man from nothing who proclaimed himself the spokesperson for the 'resourceful' of the common people in the face of the power of the political dynasties embodied by Kenyatta, the outgoing president, and Odinga


His main challenge, notes

El País

, “ 

will be (for Ruto) to pay attention to the 83

% of Kenyans who live hand-to-mouth

 “, in a country where, under the effects of global warming, explains the Spanish newspaper, “ 

drought has plunged 4.7

million Kenyans into a situation of food insecurity


Ukraine: fear of a nuclear disaster at the Zaporizhia power plant

New warning issued by President Zelensky and also by the UN, while " 

the largest power station in Europe

 " in the south-east of Ukraine is still the subject of strikes "of 

which the Ukrainian forces accuse each other and Russians

 ,” reports the

Washington Post


The American daily which, like the

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

, highlights the fear " 

of a new Fukushima

 ", " 

in the power station occupied by the Russians since last spring, where there are fewer and fewer experts

 ", says the German newspaper which points out that " 

the Ukrainian engineers who fled the plant are worried about what will happen if due to the bombardments the power is cut off for a long time



The fear of a nuclear catastrophe

 ”, also made the headlines of

Die Welt


La Repubblica.

The Italian daily strongly denounces “ 

the diabolical strategy of tension orchestrated by the Kremlin

 ” which makes “ 

the whole world fear the terror of radioactive contamination


With each shot, the world jumps on its chair

 ", explains the Italian daily which castigates " 

the despicable strategy

 " of Putin " 

to keep the rest of the world under his thumb


Trump soon to be officially a presidential candidate?

According to a “ 

source close to the former president

 ”, says the


, “ 

Donald Trump must announce in the next two weeks a campaign for the Republican presidential nomination of 2024


A candidacy that would allow him to avoid " 

being charged under the Espionage Act after the FBI search of his residence in Mar-a-Lago ", explains the same "

highly placed

"  source 

 , who wants believe " 

that the Department of Justice would find it more difficult to prosecute a presidential candidate


In the meantime, Donald Trump is " 

increasing attacks on the FBI

 ", notes the political site The Hill, which accuses the ex-president of throwing oil on the fire, even though " 

an armed man has already been killed last week in Cincinnati after breaking into an FBI office


Donald Trump says he wants 

to “lower the tension

 ”, while predicting “ 

terrible things to come

 ”, still denounces The Hill.


The FBI raid brings the United States closer to a (possible) civil war

 ,” worries the columnist for the Sydney daily 

The Australian


Boris Johnson's extended vacation is controversial

While the country is under the influence of galloping inflation, and undergoes a historic drought, Boris Johnson has just started " 

a new week of vacation in Greece, after a week of vacation in Slovenia

 ", underlines 

The Independent

, which reports the great anger of Labor who accuse the resigning Prime Minister " 

of considering his last three weeks at the head of the country as being" a big party "


A completely “ casual

” attitude 

 also denounced by the


, which reports that Downing Street also admits “ 

that Boris Johnson will only be contacted in the event of an emergency during his holidays


In Downing Street, where the first removal trucks arrived yesterday, ' 

still raising questions about where and how the Prime Minister plans to spend his final weeks in office


The Independent

quips .


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