Red brick and white stone, dovetail ridge,

  Inlaid with exquisite wood and stone carving decoration,

  The unique style of red brick ancient houses is the main theme of the architectural colors in southern Fujian.

  While revealing a strong folklore atmosphere,

  It also brings together a lot of architectural skills and knowledge.

  The craftsmanship of traditional dwellings in southern Fujian is the product of the fusion of the culture of the Central Plains and the local culture of southern Fujian.

  Beginning in the Tang and Five Dynasties, it is the mainstream of ancient architectural techniques in southern Fujian.

  Disseminated in Quanzhou, Zhangzhou, Xiamen, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao and Southeast Asia in the cultural circle of southern Fujian,

  It is subdivided into large wood work, small wood work, masonry work, tile work, color painting, pile cutting work and other types of work.

  The official residence, commonly known as "The Imperial Palace", is the most typical type of this construction technique.

  According to legend, the "Origin of the Imperial Palace" originated in the Tang and Five Dynasties.

  At that time, Huang Jue, the concubine of the King of Fujian, was from Hui'an.

  Because of being favored by the King of Fujian, he was authorized to build a large-scale construction project in his hometown according to the regulations and appearance of the palace.

  As a result, it has become a style that local dwellings are eager to imitate, and it has gradually spread around the world.

  Bright and moving red brick exterior wall,

  The exquisite roof line with high eaves and corners - "Swallowtail Ridge",

  Unique load-bearing structure,

  All of them show the ingenious and unique craftsmanship of local craftsmen.

  Show the wonderful and gorgeous colors of the traditional houses in southern Fujian in the eyes of the world,

  And with the footsteps of the people in southern Fujian, it has spread far and wide at home and abroad,

  Let the treasures of the Chinese nation stretch and shine all the way.

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