China News Service, Beihai, August 16 (Zhai Liqiang) Fishing boats went to sea, supermarkets opened, roads were temporarily controlled, and the cordon of low-risk areas was also withdrawn overnight.

On August 16, Guangxi Beihai City, which had been "suspended" for more than a month due to the epidemic, restarted and gradually regained its "vigor", and people went out one after another.

Some stores in Qiaogang Fengqing Street are already open for business.

Photo by Zhai Liqiang

  It has been more than a month since Beihai City pressed the "pause button" due to the outbreak of the epidemic on July 12. The Beihai New Coronary Pneumonia Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters announced on the evening of the 15th that from 0:00 on the 16th, the entire Beihai City will become a normalized epidemic. During the prevention and control stage, under the premise of strictly implementing the normalized epidemic prevention and control measures, all government agencies, enterprises and institutions resumed normal production and offices, and various places were opened in an orderly manner.

The store is open for business.

Photo by Zhai Liqiang

  After 0:00 on August 16, the long-awaited citizens went out one after another, teasing each other about breathing "free air".

In the face of the sudden rush of people, the staff of the Beihai Municipal Committee Political and Legal Committee, which sinks into Beihai Tongyang New Town Community, repeatedly reminded the people: "Although the lockdown is about to be lifted, it does not mean that there is no risk. Everyone should pay attention to personal protection and do not gather. "

Several small fishing boats sailed out of Dianjian Fishing Port.

Photo by Zhai Liqiang

  August 16 was the day when the South China Sea opened. The Dianjian fishing port in Qiaogang Town, Beihai City was roaring early in the morning, and the ships were rumbling.

The fishermen are preparing supplies for the sea, and the ferry boats in the fishing port shuttle back and forth.

Master Mo, a fisherman who was waiting for the ferry boat, told reporters that in order to be able to go to sea, he had filed an application three days ago, but the supplies for going to sea had not been replenished in time, so he could only wait on the boat and set off at any time.

Shopping malls are open, and people are shopping in an orderly manner.

Photo by Zhai Liqiang

  It is understood that in accordance with the relevant regulations on fishing moratorium management and epidemic prevention and control, Beihai City must strictly implement the approval and filing system for the resumption of work and production of fishing boats, so as to "declare one, review one, qualify one, and release one", and restore in an orderly manner Beihai fishing boat fishing port and fishermen are producing normally.

  At the fishermen service center in Qiaogang Town, many fishermen are lining up to submit materials to declare to go to sea.

Wang Xiandong, a staff member of the Rural Revitalization Office of Qiaogang Town, introduced that the preparations for the launch of fishing boats in Qiaogang Town are being carried out in an orderly manner. It is expected that more than 800 fishing boats will be reported that day.

Since the lockdown has only been lifted, the supply of supplies to the sea is still a bit slow.

Fishermen carry fishing nets on boats.

Photo by Zhai Liqiang

  At 12:00 noon, more than a dozen small fishing boats left the port one after another from the Dianjian Fishing Port to go out to sea.

However, due to the impact of the epidemic, the failure to make up for the supplies going to sea in time, as well as the declaration process and other factors, most of the fishing boats are still parked in the harbor.

  The reporter visited that day and also saw that some supermarkets, farmers' markets, and street shops in Beihai have resumed business. There are more and more vehicles and pedestrians on the road, and the emptiness of more than a month has disappeared.