Kana Satomi Women's Five Crowns (30), who will participate in the main tournament for the first time as a woman, will have the first match on the 15th, and the game has started.

The game started at 10:00 am at the Kansai Shogi Kaikan in Osaka, and when Satomi Women's Five Crowns on the lead took the tactic of "middle rook" with a rook in the center, Chikara Akutsu 8th Dan (40) on the back moved her steps. I opened the corner and responded.

Satomi Joryu Gokan is from Izumo City, Shimane Prefecture, and holds five women's titles: ▽Seiryu, ▽Joryu Oza, ▽Joryu Ou, ▽Joryu Osho, and ▽Kurashiki Toka.

She continues to play an active role, breaking the all-time record for the number of women's titles won, and on the 18th of this month, she will face the Japan Shogi Association's "transfer exam" with the aim of becoming the first female professional shogi player.

This tournament is a game that requires the right to challenge one of the eight major titles, "Kiosen", and Satomi Women's Five Crowns is the first time for a female shogi player to participate.

If you win, you will fight Akira Watanabe (38), who holds the title, in a fifth match.

The winner is expected to be decided on the afternoon of the 15th.