Germany: Train evacuated due to "mass injury" with circulatory problems

Firefighters in the German capital and other teams rushed to the Friedrichstrasse train station on Monday to participate in a major operation to evacuate a train of its passengers.

The fire brigade spoke of "mass injuries", noting that many people suffer from circulatory problems.

It was very hot at the time of the accident.

It is not yet clear how many people were actually injured.

Because of this problem, trains in the heart of Berlin were temporarily suspended, not only for suburban trains, but also for long-distance trains.

According to railway and federal police data, some passengers had already managed to get off the damaged train into the open air by themselves, before the evacuation began, and walked on the railway towards the station.

The company and the police said the traffic was not permitted and dangerous.

A spokeswoman for the railway company explained that there was a need to evacuate the suburban train "S Ban" after it stopped moving before reaching the station due to a technical failure.

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