In Hikone City, Shiga Prefecture, the Ii family, who were the lords of the Hikone domain, wore all red armor and helmets, so an event was held with the theme of red.

This event was planned by volunteer citizens of Hikone City to revitalize the city, and at the venue "Hikone City Cultural Plaza", a popular character of Hikone City wearing a red helmet handed down by the Ii family, "Hiko" Nyan" also appeared.

More than 150 cars and other red vehicles from Osaka, Tokyo, and Ehime Prefecture gathered in the parking lot of the venue.

The organizers called out through SNS three months ago, and the people who gathered were interacting with people they met for the first time and taking pictures of their favorite cars.

In addition, an "e-sports" booth was set up, where competitive games were played, and children enjoyed driving a red car in a racing game.

Fukasaku Arakawa, the chairman of the event's executive committee, said, "I want to spread the word about Hikone's 'red' throughout the country, and create new products such as Hikone's red products. Since you came, I would like to hold it again next year."