China News Service, Beijing, August 14 (Reporter Gao Kai) The epic Nanyin "Wen Ji Returns to Han", produced by the Xiamen Shinan Orchestra and funded by the 2022 National Arts Fund Large-scale Drama Project, was welcomed at the newly unveiled Minnan Opera Center. to the premiere.

  The epic Nanyin "Wen Ji Returns to the Han Dynasty" tells the story of the female poet Cai Wenji who was taken captive by the Huns for 12 years due to wars and chaos in the late Eastern Han Dynasty.

Cao Cao, the prime minister of the Han Dynasty, was moved by his poems and sent an envoy to the Huns to redeem them with a lot of money.

Wen Ji reluctantly did not want her son to return to Han.

The works are based on the continuation of the excellent traditional Chinese culture, interpret the ancient historical masterpieces with thousands of ancient music, and sing praises for the unswerving cultural perseverance and profound family and country feelings.

  The literary script of the play was originally written by the famous playwright Mr. Wang Renjie and was downsized by Zhang Wenhui.

The works are based on this classic historical story that has been sung for thousands of years, as well as literary masterpieces such as "Poems of Sadness and Indignation" and "Eighteen Shots of Hu Jia". With the life of the female poet Cai Wenji and her persistence in Chinese culture, she sings the deep and profound patriotism. Spirit, showing the deep value of traditional Chinese culture and the spiritual power that travels through time and space.

The whole play consists of three movements, "Captivity in the War", "Homesickness in Hu Di" and "Biezi Returns to Han".

  Mr. Wang Renjie is known as "the most elegant classical poet" in the opera world. The lyrics of "Wen Ji Returns to Han" continue the lyrical tradition of Nanyin and organically integrate the imagery of classical poetry. "The classic verses, integrated into the singing style of Nanyin music, vividly express the complex emotions of Cai Wenji's 12 years of captivity by the Xiongnu, but she misses her homeland and country every day, which is very touching.

  Nanyin, known as the "living fossil in the history of Chinese music" and "the treasure of Chinese music", is one of the oldest existing music genres in my country. Chinese and overseas Chinese settlements.

Its traditional performance and singing form is accompaniment of pipa, sanxian, dongxiao, and twoxian.

Nanyin with ancient style and rhythm is relatively simple in its musical instrument shape, singing method, palace melody, repertoire score and notation method.

The existing ancient scores contain the contents of Shang Yue in Jin and Qing Dynasties, Tang Daqu, etc. The style is simple and the diction is elegant.

It is a perfect match to interpret the famous piece of ancient history "Wen Ji Returns to Han" with a thousand-year-old ancient music Nanyin.

  The stage performances are splendid. The person who plays Cai Wenji is Yang Xueli, the winner of the Chinese Quyi "Peony Award" performance award. She is calm in the typhoon, and her singing is tactful.

  The creative team of the epic Nanyin "Wen Ji Returns to Han" has joined forces with a strong lineup.

The famous director Han Jianying pays attention to the overall presentation and aesthetic style of the works, and pursues the connection and fit between the modern aesthetic consciousness and the classical charm of Chinese culture, presenting a stylized Chinese style.

Famous composer Wu Qiren adheres to the essence of Nanyin music, and uses traditional music to connect and innovate.

The use of traditional music cards profoundly expresses Wen Ji's tossing and turning in missing her homeland in Hudi and her nostalgia for Chinese culture.

On the basis of retaining the traditional "four pieces" of Nanyin musical instruments, the famous composer Jiang Songming also introduced ancient Chinese instruments such as guqin, chime bell, xun, drum, cloud gong and other ancient Chinese instruments and Western strings for orchestration, which enriched the music of the whole play. Image and expressiveness.

Photo courtesy of the performer of the epic Nanyin "Wen Ji Returns to Han"

  In the stage space, under the guidance of the famous stage designer Huang Yongying, stage designer Liu Peng used the simple and beautiful, flexible and changeable veil, the simple turntable, like the waning moon of jade, and together with the lighting designer Liu Chuanlong to create a dreamlike fantasy. Stage time and space.

Costume Design Qin Wenbao uses simple and elegant costumes and modeling designs, imitating the dance postures of Han figurines, etc., which fully reflects the ingenious artistic ingenuity and profound understanding of contemporary theater art.

  On the basis of respecting tradition and complete inheritance, Nanyin "Wen Ji Returns to Han" is a famous piece of ode to elegant music. It learns from ancient times and reflects on modern times. It integrates Chinese and Western theaters with strong modern consciousness. Vocabulary, actively explore the contemporary expression of Chinese stories and Chinese spirit, and strive to create a new "national tide" of Chinese style.

  It is reported that Nanyin "Wen Ji Returns to Han" is Xiamen's first cross-border fusion work funded by the National Art Fund.

The work was also selected for the 2022 Fujian Provincial Stage Art Quality Project and the Xiamen Municipal Special Fund for the Development of Literature and Art.