China News Service, Hangzhou, August 13 (Fang Kun) What kind of life script did you get?

  Blind in both eyes, lost his father in youth, never married, ran dozens of kilometers every day for thirty years to sell eggs, supported his 80-year-old mother by himself, raised his picked daughter and grew up... This is Zhang The life script that Xiping got.

  Zhang Xiping in front of him is a typical northwestern man, with a sturdy and heavy build, with dark red cheeks shining brightly, a loud voice that can't help speaking, and not much hair that is already gray... When he spoke, the corners of his mouth couldn't help but rise, and his facial expression rose. He was always smiling, and he couldn't tell from his habitual expressions that he was an old man who had experienced dozens of ups and downs in the world.

  "If you knew in advance the life you were going to face, would you still have the courage to come forward?"

  On August 13, at the award ceremony of the 8th China Filial Piety Culture Festival in 2022, Zhang Xiping, who was selected as the "2022 Chinese Compassionate and Filial Person of the Year", asked a reporter a question. After thinking a little, the simple northwest man smiled and said to the reporter: "Come on! I accept my life. Even if I know in advance that this is such a life, I have to come and have a good time."

Photo courtesy of Wang Gang at the award ceremony of the 8th China Mercy and Filial Piety Culture Festival in 2022

Never give up in life: eggs pave the road to "brightness"

  Zhang Xiping was born in Mawang Village, Chang'an District, Xi'an, Shaanxi Province in 1964. He is 58 years old this year.

Zhang Xiping was born with congenital glaucoma and was declared to be accompanied by darkness for life.

Facing the "dark life", Zhang Xiping did not sink or slump.

  "Since I was sensible, my mind has always been what I can do to lighten the burden on the family." Zhang Xiping told reporters that he tried to do everything he could when he was less than 10 years old. A truck, fishing for river sand in the sand field, working in the team to earn work points...

  In 1984, Zhang Xiping grew into a young man in his early twenties. By chance, he heard that the sister-in-law next door was selling eggs. He also learned to raise chickens and save eggs, and went to sell them alone near the old railway station in Xi'an; A bus has opened in the village of Xi'an, and you can reach the Muslim Street in Xi'an City through transit. This is the central tourist area of ​​Xi'an. Zhang Xiping decided to sell eggs on the Muslim Street. Since then, it has been sold for more than 30 years, no matter the wind or rain, Never stopped.

  Every night, Zhang Xiping began to sort out the eggs to be sold the next day. After carefully inspecting the eggs one by one, he placed them lightly in the cages, filling the two cages for exactly three hours; The eggs were transported to the Mawang bus station and waited for the bus, and then transferred to two buses. After more than 2 hours, the 180-pound eggs were brought to Huimin Street, which is more than 30 kilometers away from home, and then began to sell for a day.

  Beiguangji Street, Xiyang City, Beiyuanmen, Dapiyuan, Xiaopiyuan, Maiju Street... These are the streets that Zhang Xiping often walks through.

"I walk more than 30,000 steps in hundreds of alleys, large and small, near Muslim Street every day. Where to turn and where are the old customers are imprinted in my mind." Zhang Xiping told reporters proudly.

Shopkeepers especially like to buy eggs from him, because his eggs are very fresh, and he insists on operating with integrity.

"Every day when I shout 'Sell eggs,' everyone will come out to buy them. From the morning to the afternoon, the eggs are basically sold out."

  "Selling a catty of eggs can earn 3 or 5 cents. I'm very satisfied." Zhang Xiping said with a smile, he has been selling eggs for 38 years, and he has become friends with the shops on Huimin Street. Every day when he sells eggs Say hello to the old guys and chat a few times, I'm in a good mood.

  Although Zhang Xiping speaks easily of these experiences, how difficult is it for a blind man to travel more than 60 kilometers to and from multiple buses every day, and to explore hundreds of streets with 180 pounds of eggs?

He hit countless telephone poles, fell countless times, fell into sewers, and even fell into a deep well; walking for many years has caused excessive wear on his knee joints and feet, serious varicose veins, and limping when he walks; In the wind and the rain, he was never willing to buy a hot meal outside...

  But Zhang Xiping said: "I have a good life, although I am reluctant to buy food outside at noon to eat buns to deal with, and go home in the evening to eat a big bowl of noodles 'Liao Zalie' (Shaanxi dialect, describing food and delicacy) , the next day the sun rises, and you can pull eggs and sell them on Huimin Street.”

Photo courtesy of Wang Gang at the award ceremony of the 8th China Mercy and Filial Piety Culture Festival in 2022

Reconciliation with Destiny: Experience Happiness in Giving

  Self-reliant and dependent, Zhang Xiping lives an ordinary and sturdy life every day.

Not only did he live a good life, he took good care of his mother, and he built a two-story building for the family. In 1990, he adopted an abandoned baby.

"Although my life is also very tight, but thinking about such a small baby being abandoned by my biological parents, my life is hard. I can't bear to let this little baby suffer any more." By selling eggs, Zhang Xiping lived frugally. He used to pull up his adopted daughter Zhang Xiaomei, sent her to college, and helped her to get married and have children.

  "Since I was a child, my grandmother and my father always kept me close to me when I was young, and never let me suffer any grievances." Zhang Xiaomei told reporters that in order to save money, no matter how late she sold eggs, her father was never in the city. Buying food, the only time I ate in the city was because she was selling eggs with her father that day and couldn't bear to let her go hungry.

  Now Zhang Xiping has 2 little grandsons. Seeing that life is getting happier and happier, he still lives frugally. He sells eggs every day to save money to support his 87-year-old mother.

"My father left early, and it's not easy for my mother to drag me to live. I also hope that I can be as promising as everyone else and make a lot of money to make my mother look good. It's because I am a disabled person." Zhang Xiping always felt guilty about his mother. I hope I can do as much as I can when I can, and save enough money to give my mother a decent retirement.

  The filial Zhang Xiaomei always persuaded him to stop selling eggs when he was old, but Zhang Xiping didn't think it was bitter.

"It's a habit, selling eggs can subsidize the family's life, and many old customers order eggs from me to take care of my blind business, and they are still waiting for me every day."

  Zhang Xiping told reporters that although his physical disability made him inevitably experience more suffering than ordinary people, in the past 60 years in the world, he felt more goodwill from the world.

For more than 30 years, he has walked the streets and alleys, and there is always someone "escorting him".

The bus driver would help him pick up the eggs and put him in a good seat every day; the traffic police would always help him cross the road when he got off the bus; the school students designed a small cart specially designed for him to sell eggs; sanitation workers have been working for many years Such as one day helping him keep the small cart; the old folks on Muslim Street always buy the eggs that were broken first... Zhang Xiping is a treasure of every piece, and he keeps all these good things in his heart and becomes An internal drive that gives him the courage to face difficulties and the strength to overcome setbacks.

  "I am a disabled person, and I have nothing to give back to others and the society. When I pass away, I will donate my body to the hospital for scientific research and contribute a little to the society." Zhang Xiping said.

  This is an ordinary person who is behind bars but trying to live. The limitations of destiny can be forever, but the challenge of unyielding cannot be lacking for a moment.

Zhang Xiping does not lie flat, does not rotten, lives in the moment, calmly and self-consistently, climbs the steps along the steps step by step, calmly copes with the suffering life, and experiences the taste of happiness in giving, until the hand of reconciliation extended by fate. .

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