[Explanation] The Cizhou Kiln located in Handan City, Hebei Province is the representative of the folk kilns in northern China. It is known as "Jingdezhen in the south and Cizhou Kiln in the north".

In 2006, the firing technique of Cizhou kiln was selected into the first batch of national intangible cultural heritage list.

In order to better inherit the skills of Cizhou kiln, Fengfeng Mining Area of ​​Handan City established a maker space to invite outstanding entrepreneurs from the local ceramic industry to settle in. Now it has become a "dream factory" for innovative Cizhou kiln firing techniques.

  [Concurrent] Cao Jingkun, head of Fengfeng Maker Space

  Fengfeng Makerspace was established in 2017. The original intention of the establishment is to provide an entrepreneurial service platform for young people who want to start a business, especially those who like Cizhou kiln (skills). Here, they can enjoy housing subsidies, water and electricity subsidies, and government subsidized loans. , Entrepreneurial consulting, Entrepreneurship training and other all-round entrepreneurial services.

  [Explanation] Meng Fanjia, 33, was born in a family of ceramics. After graduating from college, he chose to return to his hometown to learn Cizhou kiln firing techniques.

In 2019, Meng Fanjia and his team settled in Fengfeng Maker Space, mainly engaged in ceramic art design.

On the basis of inheriting the tradition and combining the aesthetics and practicality of modern people, he has created many Internet celebrity products.

  [Concurrent] Fengfeng Makerspace entrepreneur Meng Fanjia

  When we participated in the Fengfeng Cultural and Creative Competition for the first time, we made a ceramic bluetooth speaker called the "Rap Figure" bluetooth speaker.

It uses a "rap figurine" (shape) from the Han Dynasty. The left hand holds the drum and the right hand holds the drumstick. It is in harmony with the speakers and the rhythm, so we replaced its traditional drum with a speaker. Then there are some bluetooth functions at the back.

We take the Cizhou kiln as a carrier, then add new practicality, add new element symbols, and then make it an innovative utility.

This year, our "Hufu Riding and Shooting" night light will also participate in our provincial competition this year.

  [Explanation] According to Cao Jingkun, there are many entrepreneurs like Meng Fanjia in the Fengfeng Maker Space. They gather together to study firing techniques and exchange experience in making porcelain, so that the thousand-year-old Cizhou kiln skills can be revived with new vitality .

The flexible ceramic glaze developed by the "post-95s" young man Zhao Yingjie and his grandfather is a cross-border product, known as "unbreakable ceramics".

  [Concurrent] Zhao Yingjie, entrepreneur of Fengfeng Makerspace

  This is the flexible ceramic glaze we experimented with today. It has the advantage of low (firing) temperature compared to enamel, (firing temperature is) 300°C to 550°C, with a certain flexibility, it can be applied to metal anticorrosion , can replace gold plating and spray.

This new product developed by us expands the application range of ceramics and enamels.

  [Explanation] The good atmosphere of Fengfeng Makerspace has also attracted many college students. Han Qichao is one of them. He is a sophomore.

Because he likes making ceramics, during the summer vacation, he came to Fengfeng Maker Space to learn the skills of Cizhou kiln.

  [Concurrent] Han Qichao, an enthusiast of Cizhou kiln craftsmanship

  This is a product I made. This is a table lamp made after the kiln of our ancient Cizhou kiln, a small night lamp. Looking at this work I made, I feel very fulfilled.

I majored in art and design in school, and I will definitely develop into Cizhou kiln skills in the future.

  [Concurrent] Cao Jingkun, head of Fengfeng Maker Space

  In the next step, we will attract more young people, especially college students, to join our entrepreneurial team and entrepreneurial family, and cultivate some young talents and young enterprises for Cizhou Kiln (skills).

  Reporter Ai Guangde Chen Lin reported from Handan, Hebei.

Editor in charge: [Song Fangcan]